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The boys chose Ralph as their
leader. There was a guy called Jack and Ralph made him in charge for the choir.

Then Ralph said “There should be three of us to find food for others, I’ll go
and Jack and, then he looked at boys and he chose a boy named Simon.”(pg.28) Three
of them started their journey to discover that if this is an island or not.

When they stood up on the top of the mountain, they saw a circular horizon of
water and now they were sure that they’re in Desert Island. Jack, Ralph and
Simon were very hungry and they were trying to find some food for them and,
they found a pig. Jack tried to kill the pig, but before he could, the pig run
away. They came back to the platform and explained everything they saw to other
boys. Ralph said “There’s no one except us but there are pigs and, we should
create an army to hunt pigs.”(pg.40) Then Piggy said “No one knows where we
are.”(pg.41) Ralph said “We may be here for a while but this is a good island.

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Me Jack and Simon, we climbed the mountain. There’s food, drink and lots of
beautiful blue flowers, until we’re here we’ll have fun.”(pg.42) Ralph called
boys for a meeting and said we should make some rules and whoever breaks them
they get punished.

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