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Renewable resources are those natural resources that have the inherent ability to renew or replenish themselves, if given a reasonable amount of time.

Examples Soil, fresh water, forest, etc

Non-renewable (or exhaustible) resources :

Non-renewable resources are those natural resources that cannot be regenerated or renewed or replaced within a time framework.

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Examples Fossil fuels (such as coal, petroleum, natural gas, etc.), nuclear power

2. Intangible resources :

Intangible resources are those natural resources that are available in huge quantities, but at the same time these can be destroyed easily.

Tourism industry is based on serenity, beauty, diversity, open space and satisfaction. However, a small piece of trash can easily destroy the beauty of any place. Thus, intangible resources are both exhaustible and inexhaustible.

3. Biotic and abiotic natural resources :

Based on their origin, natural resources are of following two types:

Biotic resources:

These have originated from some living organisms or have life. Examples

Renewable: Livestock, fisheries, flora, fauna and humans

Non-renewable: Coal, petroleum, etc.

Abiotic Resources :

Abiotic resources are of non-living origin.

Examples Minerals, rocks, water, etc.

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