(iii) new units were brought under the IPQC

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(iii) Self-certification (SC)

1. Consignment-wise Inspection (CWI):

Under Consignment-Wise Inspection, each export consignment is inspected and tested by the recognised inspection agencies, by selecting consignments on the basis of statistical sampling plan to satisfy conformity of the products with the prescribed standards.

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2. In-process Quality Control (IPQC):

The IPQC system lays emphasis on the responsibility of manufacturers and processors in ensuring consistent quality during each state of production by exercising checks on raw material and bought-out components through process control, product control, metrological control and packaging control by the manufacturers and processors themselves.

The certificates of inspection in favour of the units approved under the Scheme are issued by the EIAs. These units are then kept under surveillance by the EIAs and random spot checks of the consignments are carried out by the EIAs from time to time.

During 1995-96, 26 new units were brought under the IPQC system and 81 units were taken away from the system.

3. Self-certification (SC):

Under the Self-certification system, the manufacturing units fulfilling the stringent norms prescribed for design and development, raw materials and bought-out components, process control, product control, metrological control, packaging, after sales service, quality audit housekeeping and maintenance are authorised by the Central Government to issue certificates of inspection under the act themselves for their products.

There were 16 units approved under Self-Certification as on 31.3.1996. During the period 1.4.1996 to 30.9.1996, 1 unit was deleted from the Self-certification Scheme, leaving 15 units approved under the Self-certification Scheme.

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