(ii) note, an appeal to the Export Inspection

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(ii) A crossed cheque/demand draft/PO or bank passbook showing the deposit of necessary fee in favour of EIA

(iii) Declaration regarding importer’s technical specification of quality and/or a sample approved by the importer in support of the declara­tion of his (importer’s) specifications.

2. Inspection certificate:

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If a consignment is found to satisfy the required standards and specifications, the exporter is given an inspection certify the in triplicate. In case the consignment is not approved, “Rejection Note” is issued.

While original (white) copy is to be submitted to the Customs, the duplicate is for the overseas buyers and the triplicate for the exporter.

3. Appeal against rejection:

If the exporter is not satisfied with the Rejection Note, he may file within ten days of the receipt of this note, an appeal to the Export Inspection Agency to convene a meeting of the Appellate Panel.

On such appeal, the Appellate Panel will review the inspection report, hear the exporter and inspect the consignment concerned, if necessary. Its decision is final and binding on both the parties, i.e. the EIA and the exporter.

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