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3 14 16 20. Those are the numbers I used for my lottery ticket. I guess those are my lucky numbers. Because, well, I won. I won 115 million dollars.You are probably wondering how the heck did I choose those exact numbers to win 115 MILLION dollars. Well, if you really want to find out, here’s my story.My name is Piper. Piper Collins. I am 13 years old. I have three older siblings and my mama. Yeah I know it’s normal to have three siblings, a mama, and a dad but not in my case. My dad died before I was born. My mama doesn’t really talk about him much but I can tell she loved him. We have pictures and stuff of him with my sisters and brother all over the house. I have two older sisters and one older brother. Georgie, Susan and Thomas. Georgie is 18, Susan’s 17 and Thomas is 15. It’s hard on my mama being a single parent with four growing kids. We all had to help out. Even Thomas had a job and he was only 15. We were doing fine. Mama worked really hard to keep our family happy, healthy and to have enough money to keep our house. Georgie wanted to go college. She was smart she she got a scholarship to Georgia Tech. But turns out that that the scholarship didn’t pay for everything. It only paid for half the tuition. Mama promised Georgie we would come up with the money. And it almost happened too. Then, disaster struck. Mama got sick. Really sick. I was 14 when mama went to the doctor to get a checkup. It turned out she had a tumor. A real bad tumor, in her brain. Georgie had to give up her dream of going to college. I felt sorry for her. We had to use her college fund to pay for mama’s medical bills. Mama did all she could to help out with the expensives but sometimes she would have to be at the hospital for weeks at a time. Soon, we ran out of money. We had to sell our house and our car. We moved to a much smaller house. We had to walk everywhere. We put all the money we made towards mama’s medical bills. What happened two years later really made my world fall apart right in front of my eyes. I was 16. Georgie had left. She had left because she felt that she had done her part. She meet a guy and moved away. Without a word. Mama was getting worse, she was practically living at the hospital. She could not get out of bad, she always had horrible headaches and pain. The bills kept piling up but Susan and Thomas were working as hard as they could. I had gotten a job working minimum wage and giving all the money I made towards mama’s bills. But, it wasn’t enough. Mama died a few months later. The doctors tried to remove the tumor from her brain but something went wrong during the surgery. They put her on a ventilator but we couldn’t pay the bill. It broke my heart to watch them them unplug her life support. I had lost both of my parents.Georgie was still gone. It was like she didn’t even care about her family. Susan and Peter were taking care of us though. Susan was old enough to take care of Thomas and I as our guardian. But I could tell something was wrong. Bills were piling up. Susan always tried to cheer us up. But Thomas and I knew that we were going to have to leave our home. Again. I was 16 when we had to leave our home. 16 when we packed up all that we could carry. 16 when we started living on the streets. Years went by. Susan had married a guy she worked with. Thomas was living with his girlfriend. I was living in an apartment. I was 20. 20 with no boyfriend, no education and a job at PetSmart. I hated my life. I wanted more.It was an ordinary day. A hot day in April. I was just going into a gas station to buy a snack for myself. I’m not sure what made me want to play the lottery. But, I did. I played it with the numbers 3 14 16 20. Three because I have three older siblings. 14 because that was the age Mama was diagnosed with a brain tumor. 16 because that’s the age I was when Mama died. 20 because I needed one more number and that was how old I was when I bought the ticket. I never expected to win. But I did. 150 million dollars. I’m not sure how but I was shocked. I used the money to help my siblings and I put almost half of my money towards the study of brain tumors. I can’t say my life is perfect but it is a lot better and I’m going to use my money to help everyone who was in my situation as a child. I hope no more children will have to live in poverty because of the death of their parents.         

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