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E-commerce is the most effective way for consumers to do shopping. To what
extent do you agree with this statement?


At the
beginning i will definition of the e-commerce and how many type if has, and
then i will show you different expression about it, finally my opinion about

(electronic commerce)
is the selling and buying of any goodts and services by businesses and
consumers through an electronic medium, without using any paper documents. E-commerce
is widely considered the selling and buying of products over the internet, but
any transaction. That is completed solely through electronic measures can be
considered e-commerce. E-commerce is subdivided into six categories: Also
called by e-marketing (electronic marketing).

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to business (B2B) is
simply defined as e-commerce between companies. For example, Intel Company is
selling microprocessor to Dell Company.

to consumer (B2C) is
simply defined as e-commerce between companies and consumers, involves consumer
gathering information and purchasing physical products or receiving products
over an electronic network. For example, Dell company selling to me a laptop.

to consumer (C2C) is
simply defined as e-commerce between private individuals or person to person.
For example, I will sell my car to Mr. Karwan Dana.

to Business (C2B) in
this model involves a transaction that is conducted between a consumer and a
business organization. It is similar to the (B2C) model, however, the
difference is that in this case the consumer is the seller and the business
organization is the buyer. In this kind of a transaction, the consumers decide
the price of a particular product rather than the supplier. This category
includes individuals who sell products and services to organizations.

to government (B2G)
is generally defined as e-commerce between companies and public sector; it
refers to the use of internet for public procurement. Licensing procedures and
other government related operation. For example, business pat taxes file
reports or sell products and services to government agencies. Or payment taxes
on the internet which every companies or house should pay.

to business (G2B) is
a business model that refers to government providing services or information to
business organization. For example, government use it models website to
approach business organizations, such websites support auctions, tenders and
applications submission functionalities. or the government plans to build a fly
over . For this, the government requests for tenders from various contractors. Government
can do this over the Internet by using the (G2B) model.

to consumer (G2C) in
this model the government transacts with an individual consumer. For example, a
government can enforce laws pertaining to tax payments on individual’s consumer
over the internet by using this model.

to Government (G2G)
this model involves transactions between two governments. For example, if the
USA government wants to buy oil from the Kurdistan government.

to Government (C2G)
in this model an individual consumer interacts with the government. For example,
a consumer can pay his income tax or house tax online. The transactions
involved in this case are (C2G) transactions.












Here have
two different people which both parties describe e-commerce, which one party is
agree with e-commerce and another doesn’t agree with it.


Of course
no. E-commerce also can give a lot of benefits to business organizations
especially in term of cost reduction and reaching global market. Now, let we
see what they are

Costs for Inventory Management
with e-commerce, the
suppliers can reduce costs to manage their inventory of goods because they can
automate the inventory management using web-based management systems. This
method indirectly can save their operational costs.
Reaching Global Market
E-commerce allows the suppliers to reach global market segment. In other
words, it allows the suppliers to increase their sales meanwhile decrease the
investment costs.
Monitoring the Consumers’ Buying Habit and Interest
The suppliers can monitor the consumers’ buying habits and interests so
that they can tailors their offer suit to consumers’ needs and keep the ongoing
relationship with them.
Reduces Costs To Establish Store Front
The overhead costs to build the physical store front may be prevented to
the suppliers who use e-commerce as their business operation.
Reduce Labor Costs
The labor costs can be reduced with e-commerce because the sellers can
automate their online store fronts.
Reduce Advertising Costs
E-commerce can reduce advertising costs because it is easier to update the
advertisement using software technology.
{Unnamed 2011}

<>         7-5-2011



Running an
ecommerce business is not all rainbows and unicorns. There are challenges
unique to this business model .

Lack of
Personal Touch
some consumers value
the personal touch they get from visiting a physical store and interacting with
sales associates. Such personal touch is particularly important for businesses
selling high-end products as customers not only want to buy the merchandise but
also have a great experience during the process.
Lack of Tactile Experience
No matter how well a video is made; consumers still can’t touch and feel a
product. Not to mention, it’s not an easy feat to deliver a brand experience,
which could often include the sense of touch, smell, taste, and sound, through
Need For Internet Access
this is pretty obvious, but don’t forget that your customers do need
Internet access before they can purchase from you! Since many ecommerce
platforms have features and functionalities that require high-speed Internet
access for an optimal customer experience, there’s a chance you’re excluding
visitors who have slow connections.
Credit Card Fraud
Credit card fraud is a real and growing problem for online businesses. It
can lead to chargebacks that result in the loss of revenue, bad reputation. IT’S
More and more businesses and organizations have fallen prey to malicious
hackers who have stolen customer information from their database. Not only
could this have legal and financial implications but also lessen the trust
customers have in the company.
Complexity In Taxation, Regulations, and Compliance
If an online business sells to customers in different territories, they’ll
have to adhere to regulations not only in their own states but also in their
customers’ place of residence. This can create a lot of complexities in
accounting, and taxation
{unnamed 2017}


opinion about e-commerce

A long time ago, people used to travel great distances to meet both their needs
and desires. Travelling to getting goods was eliminated by e-commerce.
E-commerce is global. That is a whole lot of space which it covers. With the
rise of the delivery drones, it is also becoming a lot more convenient than
driving to a store, browsing merchandise. It has advantage such as,

faster transactions available 24 hours and7 days.

and services are easy to find.

time managing a business.

require much (if at all) physical space.

geographical limitations translate as a bigger customer reach.

quality of services and lower operational costs.

Finally, we
know most invention has advantage and dis advantage, so the e-commerce is one
of the inventions which have both advantage and disadvantage. But don’t about
disadvantage because the court has rules about any damage if happened by buying
and selling will be happen or we have Warsaw convention 1992, which give us
rights about e-commerce. In addition to i disagree to buying a very large
product by internet such as building, land and car …….etc.

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