2A K. Paraphrased Abstract Cement coverings of oil

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2A                                                                                             Buenconsejo, John Tristan H.Self-HealingEfficiency of EVA-Modified Cement for Hydraulic Fracturing WellsYuan, B., Yang, Y.

, Wang, Y., Zhangb, K.ParaphrasedAbstractCement coverings of oilwells have the capacity to fissure due to its solid and stiff nature duringhydraulic fracturing because it encounters a substantial quantity of pressureand alternating stress that it could not withstand. The occurrence of cracks wouldtrigger formation fluids to spread between the casing and formation.

With the progressionof today’s science and technology, a ground-breaking science arises that will delivera solution to this problem: self-healing cement. To develop the self-healing efficacyof cement, ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA) copolymer was used as the self-healing instrument.Different methods and parameters were used for judging the self-healingefficiency.Data gathered wasexpressed statistically and show that blending EVA into oil well cementsignificantly reduces the fracture permeability and flow channels “by meltingflow-out and blockings, and significantly recovers the broken bonding strengthby mechanical and chemical bonding.

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” The EVA-modified cement has excellentrepetitive self-healing capabilities. “The working temperatureshould be greater than the softening temperature of EVA when the EVA-modifiedcement is used”. Pressure had minimal to negligible effect on the self-healingeffect of the EVA-modified cement. However, spike in temperature before 110 °Chad noticeable increase in the self-healing effect.Agree or DisagreeI agree that there is aneed to address the occurrence of cracks in the cement coverings of oil wellsto prevent the flow of formation fluid in between the casing and formationwhich can result in corrosion and unrestrained collapse pressure.How Will It Affect Your Own Research?The researchers have expertlyused different evaluation methods to determine the efficiency of theEVA-modified cement.  I can use the same notionin determining the efficiency of my dependent variable by using variousparameters to gauge the effectiveness of my independent variable.

The broaderthe scope of the parameters used, the higher the credibility of the results. Reference: Yuan, B., Yang, Y., Wang, Y., Zhangb, K.(2017, August 17) Self-healing efficiency of EVA-modified cement for hydraulicfracturing wells.

Construction and Building Materials, Volume 146: https://doi.org/10.1016/j.conbuildmat.2017.04.128

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