This effect of the greenhouses gas can

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This means that world will become rainier and moister. This can make the northern latitudes greener. But it can also cause devastating floods, as the rainfall pattern changes the world over.

One greatly devastating effect of the greenhouses gas can be visualized from the almost certain possibility that the global warming will make the snow on mountains melt more quickly- This will mean more water in oceans and accordingly, some islands, and sea-coasts in certain parts of the world may get submerged.

It is of utmost importance that the production of greenhouse gases at such an alarming scale should be checked. This will also reduce pollution all over the world, particularly in urban areas.

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In brief, Global warming is caused due to burning of coal, oil, wood, fossil etc. Some gases used in refrigerators and perfumes are greatly responsible for thinning of the ozone layer over the earth’s atmosphere. This also leads to global warming.

The remedy lies in checking those practices and in making the increasing use of renewable energy.

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