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There are three types of tips: field, hooked and silver. Arrow tips also have different designs. The point tipped arrow is most common. The small blades of the hooked tip may cause tearing and bleeding. Bladed arrows are more damaging than hooked tips ones, but they are easier to remove.

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Four types of materials are used to make shafts: wood, bone, ceramic and steel. The most common material used is wood. Steel is the strongest material, followed by porcelain and bone.

Before making arrows, wooden shafts should be sorted by spine and weight. Aluminum and carbon composite shafts are light, durable and uniform, but are quite expensive.


The fletch or the feathering of the arrow affects the distance it travels and its impact. Fletches could be feathers or plastic vanes. There are six types of fletch patterns: round, parabolic, shield, wood vane, bone vane, and ceramic vane. The round cut is the easiest pattern to fletch.

The parabolic cut’s spin gives the arrow additional flight range. The shield cut has a shorter range than the round or parabolic cut, but its spin provides superior armor penetration.


There three types of nocks: large, medium and small. These are differentiated on the basis of the size of their groves. When the groove is large, the arrow is easier to make. When the groove is small, the arrow travels farther.

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