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Serving as the Chairperson of Adani Foundation,
Dr Priti G Adani has captured the world’s attention by becoming a prominent
philanthropic force. She has been working tirelessly in aid of charities in
India, using her distinction to raise awareness on important humanitarian

Dr Priti Adani spearheads all the CSR
initiatives of Adani Group, one of the India’s leading conglomerates, led by
Gautam Adani. She has been working with young change-drivers— children from weak and vulnerable backgrounds—giving
them opportunities to create community impact.

The focus areas of the foundation include
education, healthcare, rural transformation and urban renewal, among others. Adani
Vidya Mandir is among a slew of CSR initiatives, helmed by Adani Foundation
that has touched the lives of over 1.5 lakh students, across 1,600
schools/colleges in India.

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Children, whose parents have an annual income
of less than Rs 1,50,000 can enroll in this institution. Apart from education,
the children are also provided with notebooks, textbooks, breakfast, lunch,
uniform, transportation and counseling.

Talking about the values the school adheres
to, Priti told India TV,

“Our teachers have a child-centric
approach, and they believe in experiential learning theory. Character building
is another thing which we teach them, making them responsible towards the
society and the world is also crucial. It is an integral part of our

Dr Priti Adani has displayed a great affinity
for children, becoming a campaigner for some the most vulnerable. She is often seen
comforting children in schools and making personal connections with many.

Social issues like illiteracy, malnutrition
and poor healthcare are topping the list of woes in India. However, the responsibility
of resolving these issues lies both on the citizens and the government.
Further, with initiatives such Adani Vidya Mandir, Dr Priti G Adani is playing
a vital role in helping the people battle these problems.

With CSR becoming an integral part of corporates,
funding routed through social initiatives can boost country’s progress. “Nation’s
economic and social development can get the velocity and corporates can get the
weight; a win-win situation for both.


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