As IBM became a globally integrated enterprise (GIE) the human capital
strategy started playing a crucial role for the company’s competitive success
in the future. Several new HR issues has appeared in terms of new
organizational structure and shift from multinational to globally integrated
organization such as duplication of roles and infrastructure resulting in
increasing costs  and effecting process
efficiency. The new challenges asked for the new ways and solutions for IBM.

Taking into consideration that at that time (2003) IBM had approximately
350,000 employees, 90 thousand contractors and tens of thousands of job
applicants.  The existing IBM’s talent
management system did not consider the talent needs or globally integrated
enterprise. What IBM really needed was globally integrated approach and
standard implementation process for its companies all around the globe. Focus
on accurately projecting demand and a creating a sufficient supply of talent in
spite of against multinational model which usually tends to be operated
separately in each region.

 Moreover, unless the company does
not find a globally integrated approach to its human resource the full
potential of the other production areas cannot be achieved.  Among existing HR solutions in the market
there was no completely suiting all the parameters of GIE.

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 „…no organization had successfully developed a
way to provide a transparent view of workforce capabilities and needs that
could guide planning, employee career decisions, business leader talent and
strategy decisions, and at the same time be engaging and compelling enough to
become a natural part of the management processes.”

Considering people being the company’s most valuable asset

“We’ll manage each person within each group as an asset and develop them
accordingly. You’ll have talent, learning and compensation people all managing
people within their assigned levels.”

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