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The IoT’s history can be tracked back into the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) from the Auto-ID Center. This group was founded in 1999 which worked in the field of networked radio frequency identification (RIFD) and also in emerging sensing technologies. The lab consisted of seven (7) research universities located Read more…

Shah, et al., 2009). Males tend to be

Shah, Ayub, Firasat, Kaiser, and Mehdi (2009) define aggression as a “combination of hostile, threatening, and physically violent behavior” (p.68). It has been discovered in studies that behavioral traits such as aggression can be partially caused by one’s environment and partially caused by genetic factors. These genetic factors include but Read more…

To · What is the impact of VAT

To solve any issue, the methodology is one of an important step. It is well considered as a methodology as research a method in a way to find the perfect solution. Furthermore, it can be defined as principles, rules, and method which is applied to a particular research. In this Read more…


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