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In recent years, the lower raw material costs and cheaper labor of the harvesting and curing stages of tobacco in Brazil, Taiwan, or the Philippines have transformed these countries into large centers for tobacco growing and exportation (Halich and Snell, 2007). Mostly outsourcing tobacco leaves and labor for low prices Read more…

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One of the major aims of having law and order in the civilized society is to ensure the citizen of a dignified life. Every individual deserves basic human rights irrespective of their caste, culture, nationality, color etc. But what about those who evade the law? Those who we punish and Read more…

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To understand why gender is important regarding the explanation for why people fight the term ‘gender’ must firstly be defined. A good definition to use would be Joshua Goldstein’s definition. Unlike other feminists, Goldstein does not use ‘gender’ as the socio-cultural opposite to the biological ‘sex’1. In its place, he Read more…


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