It terminated with immediate effect as per the

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It is my duty to inform you that in case your payment towards annual subscription of the club does not reach me within15 days of the receipt of this reminder, your membership would be terminated with immediate effect as per the rules of the club.

The Board of the Directors would really be sorry to enforce the rule of termination of membership, especially as you have been an old and active member of the club.

The subscription due is only ____________ (Amount). I hope to receive your cheque for the above amount towards the dues at the earliest.

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Yours sincerely
(Your Name)

2. Letter Asking for Overdue Subscription

(Club Name)

Dear (Name),

I regret to remind you that your subscription to our club for the year ending ____________ (Date) is still outstanding. I sent you a letter in this regard ____________ (Days), but there is no response from you so far.

I want to draw your attention to the club’s rules according to which the subscription should have been remitted to us by the end of ____________ (Date). Therefore, I make an urgent request to you to send us your cheque for ____________ (Amount) at the earliest so that we are not obliged to terminate your rights and facilities in the club.

I look forward to see you soon in the club.

Yours faithfully

(Your Name)

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