2.3 group.Resource allocation norms – allocation of resources

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2.3 Analyse the effect group norms may have on team developmentTeam norms are guidelines that develop gradually. Team members develop particular ways of interacting with each other over time; until those habits become behavioural expectations. A team can have either high or low performance norms, based on one group and issues important to the group. Without these; individuals would have no understanding of how to act in social situations.Different types of norms include:Performance norms – centred on how hard a person should work in a given group and what type of output they should have.Appearance norms – informs or guides us as to how we should look, or what our appearance should be.Social arrangement norm – (not usually used in a business setting) centred on how we should act in social settings to help us fit in and get a closer connection to the group.Resource allocation norms – allocation of resources in a business environment eg. Raw materials, overtime or anything found or needed within the organisation.In practice each member of the group affects the behaviour of the members and in turn is also affected by them.Organisational structure revolves around the values and the beliefs of an organisation. Ideologies and principles/policies followed by an organisation form its culture. With this being said, it is the culture of the workplace which dictates the way in which people interact with each other inside and outside of the company. In order for employees to enjoy their work and deliver their best, they must adhere to the organisations culture, failure to do so will result in problems such as demotivation and lack of teamwork which in turn will stifle team development, and this is from failure to adjust to the culture.According to Edgar Schein organisations do not adopt a culture in a day, it is formed over a period of time as employees go through changes, adapt to the external environmental and solve problems. Employees gain from their past experiences and use this in their everyday practices; this then forms the culture of the workplace. Group norms can strengthen a team and their development as they all strive towards the same goal of the organisation and its culture.

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