2.1 Marginalization Of Women Marginalization is one form

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2.1 The issue of Gender Equality in Community

Gender differences is
certainly a form of injustice against men and women. Forms of injustice are as
follows :

a.    Marginalization Of Women

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Marginalization is one
form of diversion towards gender equality. Marginalization is an effort or
process or manner restrictions role against certain groups, placing, or move it
to the edge due to the gender differences that can lead to poverty.
Marginalization of women is often the case in the community. For example, many women
who knocked out because of the internsifikasi farm that just focuses on farmer
boy. Women dipinggirkan with the reason that agriculture and industry more
requires skills that are usually more owned by men, and the development of
technology has also contributed to what was originally done manually by women
was taken over by machines that are commonly undertaken by men. Thus, a lot of
supposition stating that women should at home only.

b. Subordination

I.e. the subordination of the
supposition that one gender is more important or better than other sex and put
one of the other sex as subordinate or extra. As contonnya, there are angggapan
which States that women are inferior to men, because men are considered more

c.  Stereotip

Stereotypes means
viewpoints against someone based solely on the perception of the group against
which people can be categorized. This stereotype occurs in women which resulted
in the emergence of discrimination and injustice that is highly detrimental to
women. For example, the views of women that the duties and functions only carry
out work related to the work of domistik or households. This is not only
happening in the sphere of the household but also occurs in the workplace and
the community, even at the Government level and State.

If the man is angry, he
is considered to be firm, but when women are angry or offended considered
emotional. The default value against the behavior of women and men are
different, but the default value of many judges and detrimental to women. Label
women as “housewife” harm, if he want to be active in
“male” activities such as politics, business or bureaucrats. While
labels men as the main breadwinner, (breadwinner) result in anything that is
produced by the male is considered odd or extra and tend not to be taken into

d. a double load of
other forms of discrimination and gender inequalities is a double burden that
must be carried out by one of the specific type of calamine. In a household is
generally some type of activities carried out men, and some is done by women.
Various observations, shows women working on almost 90% of the work in the
household. So for those who work, in addition to working in the workplace also
still must work housework.

In the development
process, the reality of women as human resources still got pembedan treatment,
especially when engaged in public. Many perceived imbalances, though there are
also inequalities experienced by men on one side.

Gender equality in
Indonesia are still in the context of the protection of employment and wages,
it seems we need to view the role of Government against the foreign exchange,
especially the women. They are the party that has a very small voice to be
heard by Governments and law enforcement agencies, for its position that seems
to not have the same rights to be protected in full by the State.

There are still many
who are denied Indonesia RICE BOWL is not fully protected by the State. The
city also still unresolved cases happened because insignifikansi Government
(Government presume that they matter is not important) about this. The funny
thing is, the case of TKW often only mild comments were greeted with either a ‘
Government has not been able to protect the public’s rights, as well as the
RICE BOWL can not supervise the case entirely on the lively ‘ rape.

It concerns the matter
of rights; that means it also will be an issue that incriminating or even
complicate Indonesia in later days if not immediately solved with real action.
Moreover, TKW is major labour in charge of shoring up one of the main pillars
of the State, passing the role of importance against the foreign exchange
supply. Because they are small, does not mean they contributed little to the
roles of the State.

It could be that, due
to the action of increased protection to the RICE BOWL for real and significant
of the Government’s economic stability will bring up more qualified, so his
role for the welfare of the country directly will also feels great. The
question is, whether the Government is willing to? An afterthought for this
nation, of course. 

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