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Chronology                           :           November 2008 till January 2010.

Geographic Location           :           Jumeirah village
Circle, Dubai-UAE.

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Organization                         :           RANYA
General Construction Co. L.L.C.

Project Name                         :           Prime
business Centre (2B+G+2P+17 Floors).

Client                                      :           Prescott.

Consultant                             :           National
Engineering Bureau.

Position                                  :           Planning
Engineer (Civil Works).




career episode covers my experience from November 2008 till January 2010.
During this time I was working with RANYA General Construction in the capacity
of Planning Engineer for the construction of high rise building named Prime
Business Centre (2 Basement + Ground Floor + 2 podiums + 17 Floors). The site
was located at Jumeirah Village Circle, which is approx. 40 km away from Dubai
International Airport Terminal 3. I worked hard to ensure the successful
delivery of the project and as a result this project has been significantly
contributed to my successful career.



Nature of Project:

project consisted of twin towers connected together with bridge in each floor.
Each tower has two basement, seventeen floors in addition to ground floor and two
podiums. Basement and Podiums were used mainly for services and parking purpose.
Ground Floor consists of reception, lift lobby and cafeteria. There are eight
commercial offices in each floor from 1st to 17th. Roof
is used for MEP equipment and water tank.




The scope involved the construction of
twin towers along with all finishes and MEP services. The project also included
external works which consisted of hard and soft landscaping works, fountain
works, tanks, manholes, boundary wall and external gate. Obtaining of permits
from the authorities were also included in the scope of work. Value engineering,
review of design and necessary modifications also part of the scope of work.



Civil Works included the pile head
cutting treatment, raft foundation, shoring which were required for the safe
construction of basement. The slabs for the typical floor i.e. from 1st
to 17th is designed as post tensioned slab. The equipment routes
i.e. logistic plan has been made and approved from developer of land prior to
start of the excavation works.



The Project also included 8 no. of
elevators, 4 for each tower. MEP works are also included in the scope. Major activities
for electrical works were Cable Laying, Electrical Panel Installation and
Generator Installation. AC works included ducting, chilled water Piping, AHU
& FCU installation. Plumbing and drainage works have Water Supply and
Drainage Piping including sanitary wares & fixtures. Fire Fighting and Fire
Alarm works included firefighting pipes, sprinklers installation, FM 200 System
Installation, Smoke and heat detectors.



Nature of my Work:

a planning engineer, my job was to provide a master project plan which includes
the schedule of works and resource requirement in order to meet project
objectives as well as management requirements. For this I have prepared a work
breakdown structure (WBS) and level-IV schedule. I also initiated risk
management through developing a risk register in order to anticipate the
possible risk & its severity along with its mitigation plan.  I prepared the material requirement plan to
enable procurement department for timely material delivery at site. I developed;
daily, weekly, Monthly progress reports formats, two weeks look ahead and one
month look ahead schedules for progress monitoring and control.



to project requirements, I was given another responsibility as construction in
charge of underground tanks and manhole works, on the project. At first, it was
challenging for me to except the dual role but my management showed such trust
on me so I decided to accept this challenge. Initially, I faced many
difficulties but with the support of my management, I felt comfortable with the
newly added role. I commanded the site with full authority and team supported
me completely.





Organization Break Down:


I was reporting to project manager in
this project. Following is the simplified organization chart of the project
team on this project.



Job Description:

a planning engineer my job was to look after all the 5 phases of the project
life cycle, which are Initiation, Planning, execution, Monitoring & Control
and Closeout. I had to raise flag for resource requirement well ahead of time
to project management team for their timely mobilization at site. I had to
monitor closely for all the engineering, procurement and construction works and
to compare their progress with respect to the project baseline schedule by
using earned value management, and recommend necessary actions to the project
team as and when required in order to keep project on track. I had to attend
weekly and monthly meetings with client and other stakeholders. I had to
prepare and present the site progress presentations for monthly project
sponsor’s meeting and client monthly progress review meeting and used to update
about the status of the project with respect to Plan vs. actual values.




a construction in-charge for Underground tanks and manhole works I used to
supervise all the major activities at site so that action can be taken quickly
by highlighting issue to project manager. I used to attend internal
construction progress weekly meeting to discuss the site progress and jointly
address the issue, if any. I used to keep focusing on site progress, quality of
work and HSE at site.



Personal Work Place

Engineering Knowledge and
Skills application:

was among the few members who are being mobilized to this project, after the
project kick off meeting. Being the pioneer member of the project team gave me
the opportunity to learn about the project start up. Also in Civil works, I
learned critical site works included pile head cutting and treatment. Many new
ideas were explored and utilized at project site to meet project goals. I
utilized the best practices of project management to meet my project
objectives. I applied my engineering skills using following tasks.



Project Initiation:

is the major phase of the project, where goal and objectives are set to fulfill
the project requirement. In this phase, I thoroughly studied the contracts documents
which include the condition of contracts, scope of work, drawings, and bill of
quantities to establish the project requirements and deliverables. I developed
the organization chart in coordination with project manager along with roles
and responsibilities. From the contract I developed a milestone schedule of
works, which gives the information about the project deliverables and their
respective timelines.



Project Planning:

was fully aware of the importance of the planning phase for the project
success. Considering this firstly I prepared the project work breakdown
structure and then developed the project baseline schedule addressing all the discipline
of works i.e. engineering, procurement, construction, testing and commissioning
and handover using primavera. After finalizing the timeline of the activities I
loaded the schedule with resources, which include labor, machinery and
materials. With the help of the resource loading I generated required manpower
histogram (MPH), equipment deployment plan (EDP) and material requirement plan

divided the works into three phases i.e. engineering & Procurement,
construction works and Project Close out. For the engineering & procurement
phases, I prepared the design drawings submittal plan in coordination with
engineering department for their timely issuance of shop drawings for buildings
for consultant’s review and approval, which enable the said works to start as
per the project schedule. The construction phase in the schedule illustrated
the time frame of all construction activities and their independence to other
activities. Project Close out Phase consists of testing, commissioning, demobilization
and the obtaining of final connection and NOC from authorities.

developing the schedule, I extracted the critical path activities from the
schedule and presented the project team to focus and prioritize the sequence of
works. This helped all team member to be focused and on track to meet the
project goal.

prepared the risk register and anticipated the potential threats and opportunities
which can cause the project delay or can be beneficial for the project, and
prepared the action plans with help of Project Manager, in order to avoid and
minimize the occurrence of those events and avail possible opportunities.



Project Execution:

to Project execution, my focus was to get the project team on board and mobilize
resources as per prepared plan. By following the plan our project team achieved
the target date and mobilized within the defined timeframe. Once the Project mobilization
is completed, and IFC (issued for construction drawings) drawings issued, the
construction works have been started. The design consultants has issued the IFC
drawings and details for the design works, which enabled engineering department
to start the shop drawings.



execution at site HSE and quality was my main focus. I strictly followed “No Tolerance
on safety” policy was initiated by our HSE team. I discussed importance and
advantages in daily Tool Box talk before the start of construction and made
sure that every member of my construction team had undergone the safety induction
prior to start any work.




When I was appointed as a construction
in-charge of the underground tanks and manhole works, I was given a team of 30 persons
and the timeline of 2 months to finish the manholes and underground tanks. The underground
tanks were 8 (Nos) and was approximately 3.5 m in height and 2.5mx2.5m in cross
section. After completing the excavation and dewatering works at first I laid
down blinding concrete of 50mm on the compacted surface we applied the bitumen
primer on the blinding concrete. This primer acted as a base for the 1.5mm
thick self-adhesive waterproofing membrane that was applied on it. After the
waterproofing of the blinding I directed my team to tie the reinforcement bars
for the tanks. I planned to do the concreting of the underground tanks in three
steps, first of 20cm thick base slab and then in second step the four walls of
the tanks, while I decided to cast the tanks roof in precast yard and placed
them once all the other works of the tanks are completed.



developed the daily progress and time sheet format, to receive daily progress
of works from site along with the quantity achieved and actual man-hours spent
which not only helped to update the project schedule but also helped in
monitoring the project efficiency and productivity of the manpower at site. The
productivity and efficiency report helped the construction team to maneuver and
reinstate their resources in areas where required. I also prepared the material
wastage report, after taking the record of issued material from store and
earned quantity from the drawings. If the wastage increased the allowable limit
the flag was raised to the project manager to take the necessary actions.



Project Monitoring and

phase is a key aspect in project success and goes in parallel with the project
execution phase till the completion of the project.

prepared plan for the shop drawings submittal plan and distributed same to
project team and engineering department to follow, for monitoring and
controlling the progress of engineering works. In this plan, all the plan
submission dates against each engineering deliverable has been mentioned. All
these plan dates are compared with actual dates on weekly basis, and the status
of the same was submitted to engineering department showing the delays, for
their remedial action.

material procurement monitoring and controlling, I prepared and material
submittal and procurement log. In which all the material are listed from the
BOQ and against each material its plan dates for material submittal,  issuance of purchase order, required date at
site have been mentioned. This sheet has been distributed to procurement
engineer to follow and was updated on weekly basis to compare plan vs. actual
progress of the works. All the material with negative variance with respect to
plan dates were highlighted and sent to the procurement department to expedite
the procurement progress.

with the procurement log, I also identified the long lead items, and made a
separate log to monitor the procurement progress of those items, as delivery of
the said items are very critical for the project on time completion.

construction progress monitoring I used to update the project baseline schedule
with the actual data in Primavera, from updated daily progress and time sheet submitted
by site team.

also implemented the earned value management techniques, which enables to
monitor man-hours analysis, supervisor and craft wise manpower efficiency
report, gainful equipment utilization report and material usage report.

compiled all these data in the weekly and monthly reports, to show the status
of the project, which was very helpful for the project team especially the
project manager to take necessary actions for on time project completion.

I kept a constant track on the risk register and use to log if any new risk
anticipated during the execution of the project, and highlight its impact and
mitigation action to the project manager on periodic basis.



Project Closing:

fairly implementation of the project management techniques, we are able to
complete all the deliverables and its acknowledgment from the client which was
my main objective. In this closeout phase I prepared the schedules for testing
and commissioning of MEP works, which were planned after obtaining of temporary
power. Manpower and equipment demobilization plan is also described in this
phase. I also prepared a closeout report stating the lesson learned from the
project life cycle which will be helpful for the company for the upcoming jobs.
A final close out document was compiled which contained all data of project
including design,  planning, quality,
procurement, approval, warranties, provisional acceptance certificate, final
acceptance certificate and final handover documents. This document was called
Project Handover Dossier.



B.        Problem Encountered and Solution Provided:

developing the master schedule, I observed that this was a fast track project
and the timeline required by the stakeholders to complete the project was very
tight, especially in the substructure works. 

per the project specification and quality standards the screed under foundation
has to be cured for 7 days prior to start the concrete works. I researched for
the alternate material which can provide the same strength as of concrete and
does not required 7 days curing. This material was formally approved by client
after I presented comparison of both materials. I prepared detailed comparison
of datasheet of both material which helped me to get consensus of Client.
Proposal was to replace the wet screed with the synthetic screed board which will
not only save us the time, but also require less effort to complete. So due to
my proactive approach I saved the project with a potential delay.



During site execution stage when my team
started working on underground tanks. One of the surprising problem I faced at
the site, the level of water table which come out just after three meter of excavation,
‘whereas as per the initial soil report the possible water table was at five
meter from the existing ground level. To solve this, I first carried out
dewatering using well point Dewatering method. To further know the soil
permeability and hydraulic conductivity, I proposed for an in situ auger-hole
test to know the permeability of the surrounding soil. I was of concern that
even after dewatering, if the soil is permeable, water from surrounding will
again accumulate under the foundation of the proposed inspection manhole. This
proposal was highly appreciated by the project manager and auger-hole test was
conducted at site, for a depth of around 2.5m, approximately 40cm below the
ground water table level. Time for water to perforate through the sand and fill
the hole was noted down and hydraulic conductivity in m/day was calculated by
the formula
Kh = C (Ho-Ht) / t.

After further discussion with my Project
Manager, I decided to excavate the ground and backfill it again with impermeable
soil before proceeding with the inspection. I excavated the ground up to 2.5
meter depth and then backfilled it with impermeable soil. As per the ASTM
standard 95% compaction was achieved which was confirmed by Nuclear Gauge
Density test. So By taking the preventive measures I saved the project with
potential re-work and its consequences.



C.        Team
Building and Leadership:

mobilization on this project I was involved with my project manager to
determine the project team members and crew for the project. To develop the
project team into a winning combination, I applied the project management and
communication skills, what I studied during my degree and developed with the
work experience. I maintained effective communication with the team and
provided guidance especially to the trainees, for their career development. I
recommended trainings and skill development sessions for the trainee engineers
where they were lacking, to improve the overall quality of the work of the
team. Whenever a problem arose, I used to lead from the front and volunteer
myself to sort out any problematic issue.




project added a valuable experience in terms of project management. It was a
great learning opportunity for me about the process of project management life
cycle. Especially working in a multi-disciplinary and multicultural environment
has increased my knowledge and skills. I sorted out all the challenges that I
came across with the help of my proactive approach, and utilizing the project
management techniques. It gave me an opportunity to practice all the knowledge
I have learned from my engineering studies and past work experience. I received
lots of appreciation from my management which gave me great confidence and fine-tuned
my leadership activities. I regard myself a good leader when it comes to
decision making and initiation and a good team player when collective effort is


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