1978: Suzuki motors. 1984: TVS becomes the first

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1978: TVS Motors
was started.

1980: Great
milestone in Indian automobile history. Country’s first 2 seater 50cc moped TVS
50 launched.


1982: Incorporated
as Indians motors and collaborated with Suzuki motors.

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1984: TVS
becomes the first Indian Company to introduce 100cc Indo-Japanese motorcycles.

1986: company
name was changed from Indo Suzuki motors to TVS Suzuki motors

1990: launched
34cc Miniped

1994: Pioneer of
mobility for women. Launched India’s first indigenous Scooterette (sub-100 cc
variomatic scooter), TVS Scooty.

1996: Introduced
India’s first catalytic converter enabled motorcycle, the 110cc Shogun.

1997: set up
auto ancillary estate at Mysore and Hosur

1998: RS: 1,000
crore mark in 1997-1988 introduced first four stroke vehicle in the country

2003: Recorded
share of 35% of share in motorcycle division, Recorded 31% growth on its sales.

Company introduced racing bikes that were tested in Asian circuits.

2005: TVS
launches its Indonesian plant.

2006: Launched TVS Apache, which set the
youth’s imagination on fire. 

2006: Appointed
new president

2007: TVS Motor
Company rolls out seven new products into market.

2007: launches
its Himachal Pradesh Plant at Nalagarh.

2008: TVS makes
its foray into the three-wheeler market with TVS KING in Mar-2008.

2010: Launched
India’s first auto clutch bike.

2010: Launched First
scooter with Body Balance Technology.

2012-13: Became
India’s most trusted brand in the 2 wheeler category.

2016: First
200cc motorcycle was introduced in TVS with ABS technology.

2017: First Domestic 300CC sports bike was introduced by TVS to market.

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