In non-wage benefits has been greatly reduced. Liberalization

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In major industries such as banking and finance, IT,
electronics, engineering and services surveys show patterns towards greater
integration of tasks and demand for multiple skills simultaneously. The
emergence of new technology calls for a professional worker, who should
understand not only the basic process of production but should also possess
knowledge about the basic functioning of the machines and their operation. Versatility,
flexibility and possession of multi-tasking is expected from new employees, and
the supply of such workers is very less against their demand.


The above mentioned changes have negatively affected the
bargaining power and influence of trade unions. Stable employment relationships
are fewer, thus subscription to unions has floundered. Due to globalization, there
is increased competition in almost all markets and mobility of capital has
improved with fund-raising and fund-deployment becoming easily available. Emergence
of new business models make it possible to sub-contract production and
re-organize the manufacturing process. Loyalty towards trade unions has decreased
due to an increasingly differentiated labour force and the rising individualism
in a highly competitive environment. Trade unions are being perceived as less
customer-conscious and union leaders are increasingly being questioned
especially when they make anti-customer demands.


 In recent years,
unions’ ability to influence issues like wages, working conditions and non-wage
benefits has been greatly reduced. Liberalization and privatization have slowly
reduced the role of public sector in the economy which was the centerpiece of
trade unions. Due to emergence of technologies such as AI, “jobless growth” has
been observed in many countries. Political parties and governments are no more able
to support unemployed people and without support from political parties and
governments, trade unions can not make much of a difference.

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