a. by the region as indicated in question

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a. Palanpur Point

b. Kacholi Dungar

c. Tornagaon east of Abu

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d. Anadra Point

e. Village Bhakhiyorji

f. Ghorawala Magra

g. Gajniya Modli

3. Give the six-figure grid reference for the following:

a. Cemetery in Abu

b. Raghunathji Mandir

c. Raj Bhawan in Abu

d. ?1352 near Deoli

e. Bhunglawa ka Goliya

f. Hanumanji Ka Mandir

g. Gautam Maharishi Mandir

h. Chhatri north of Mohanpura

4. Explain the relief features

a. In the grid squares 2105 and 2104

b. In the grid squares 2305 and 2304

c. In the grid squares 2410 and 2510

d. In the grid squares 1906 and 1907

e. In the grid squares 2306 and 2406

5. What is the drainage pattern?

a. In the grid square 2405

b. In the grid square 2307

c. In the grid square 2104

d. In the grid square 1808

e. In the grid square 2204

6. Describe the broad relief features of the area enclosed by Eastings 21 to 26 and Northings 02 to 08.

7. Find out the area in square kilometres covered by the region as indicated in question no. 6.

8. Find out at least three grid squares, where the slope along the hills is very steep.

9. What is the general drainage pattern in the region enclosed by Eastings 20 to 24 and Northings 03 to 08?

10. What are the main occupations of the people living in this region? Give examples in support of your answer.

11. Find out the highest and the lowest point of this region, and also the straight-line distance between them.

12. What is the settlement pattern?

a. In the grid square 2210

b. In the grid square 2401

c. In the grid square 2310

d. In the grid square 1901

13. What are the important means of transport? Which parts of this region are generally inaccessible?

14. Name any two man-made features in each of the following grid squares:

a. 1803

b. 2208

c. 2101

15. Find out the bearing (direction) of the following from Nakhi Talao.

a. Tornagaon (2410)

b. Hanumanji Ka Mandir (2208)

c. Bhunglawa ka Goliya (1809)

d. Jhamar (2401)

e. Gautam Maharishi Mandir (2007)

16. Measure the straight-line distance in km from the Raj Bhawan in the Abu city to the following:

a. Village Chandela (1903)

b. Hanumanji Ka Mandir (2208)

c. Ghorawala Magra (2503)

d. Sunset Point (2110)

e. Gautam Maharishi Mandir (2007)

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