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According to Rydzak hypothesized
that in contrast to rural areas, the lichen flora in cities is more influenced
by the lower humidity, higher temperature and higher aridity of the urban
environment than by higher levels of pollution. From this information
the random data collected can be explained as there are other uncontrolled
variables to observe. Crustose Lichens are, as I mentioned in the introduction,
one of the most tolerant lichens thus they can be found in the most regions in the
city. In the city center there weren’t many lichens to observe, one of the
reasons for that is because most of the parks in Ankara are basically made up
of grass and a big “desert” of rocks are not very easy to find. In the second
park. The population difference and different species are very easily
recognizable. Maybe the reason for that can be the bigger surface area of the
park and more humidity. As the distance from the city center increases the
variety of species of the lichens increase. In the last park, a totally
different type of lichen, Caloplaca is observed for the first time. This type
of specie is not as tolerant as other species, and it was near a river.

Therefore, it can also have an affect on the population. 

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