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10 Hacks for
a great Hike


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The fresh
air, the feel of the sun on your face, the amazing views, hiking can be an
amazing way to spend a day or even a few. Before you hit the trail though it’s
important to be prepared and with these 10 tips you will be.

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Get to Know your trail well before
the hike

An important thing to do before you go hiking is to get
to know the area that you will be travelling to and hiking in. Get gps data and
the most recently updated trail maps, find reviews and comments from other
hikers who have been to the area and most importantly read both the past and
present hiking news posts and weather reports for the area.


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Give your backpack a test run for at
least 15 minutes before leaving

When you
start packing for your trip, the excitement of going hiking and make many
people think more about what they need than how long they will have to carry
it. Follow this little hiking tip to ensure that you balancing packing light with packing smart.





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Plastic garbage bags have more uses
than you think

One of the
most important things to do before you go hiking is
to make sure you waterproof your backpack and other bags with important
contents. If you can’t afford a high end waterproof backpack or just don’t feel
the need to spare the expense then this is a great hiking
tip for you. You can cheaply waterproof your backpack and its contents
by lining it with a garbage bag first. You can then cut the bags or buy smaller
bags to line the other pockets. Your liners can also double as extra containers
or can be cut to create a water proof shelter. Bring extra, and garbage bags
become a great piece of hiking equipment.  Check out Sectionhiker.com for a more in-depth tutorial.


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All duct tape everything

So what’s
the most important thing to do before you go hiking?
If you didn’t say pack duct tape you were wrong. As silly as it seems duct tape
is probably the most important piece of hiking
equipment in your pack. Duct tape can be used to fix water bottles, patch
tents, make certain footwear more water resistant, steady splints and it works
just as good as blister tape at a fraction of the cost.  


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Add some spice back into your trail
chow with an M’s tube and foil

 Another great hiking
tip and in possibly an important thing to do
before you go hiking if you’re a food lover you won’t sacrifice flavour
for the trail. You can still pack light and your
meals like pasta, chilli, soups, oatmeal and tuna can still benefit from some
spice.  You can find instructions for
this cheap and easy hiking hack here at instructibles.com.

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Use hair clips, hair ties or rubber
bands to organise the wires and cords in your pack

This is a great
hiking hack to help you pack smart and save
money. With these simple objects that most people have lying you can avoid a
tangled mess. You can also keep your important devices and their cables compact
and easy to reach.


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Make a cheap but effective pill
bottle first aid kit

You can buy
a first aid kit but those can be expensive plus if you are trying to pack light to make your hike
on the trail a little easier making your own might be the way to go. The
experts at survivalathome.com have a great tutorial that you can
follow complete with an ideal list of items.



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Wear bright colours when hiking

When you’re
hiking on the trail it may seem smart to dress
in greens, browns and other colours that allow you to blend in with nature and
maybe avoid being notice by animal. If you get lost though, those colours will make
it hard for members of your group or forest rangers from finding you. So don’t
be afraid to dress in bright colours.

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Pack in in order of importance

This simple
little hiking tip could save you a world of
trouble when you’re on the trail. When you’re packing, think about how long
your hike will be, what you will need more often, and when you are likely to
need it. Pack items like food, water, batteries and medical equipment at the
top of your pack and things like tent and cooking gear at the bottom.


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Hang your food to keep it away from

If you’re
settling in to your campsite for the night and don’t want to attract animals to
you with the smells of your leftovers then hang them from a tree.  You might not want to hang them too close to
your sleep site just in case a non-Yogi type Bear happens to pass by for a late
night nibble. 

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