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10 special lions that will bring your smile10 special lions that will bring the smile T.O 02/01/2017 15:36In times of crisis, stress, trouble, bitter or annoying news need a small dose of happiness or not!Happiness never does bad, so in this article you will get acquainted with some Little happiness never does!Here are the 10 happiest things you can ever discover!Undoubtedly they will raise your morals and bring you a smile! 10- The floats, when they sleep in water, are kept by the hand so they will not lose!101Did you know that the paddles, often unconsciously, sleep by holding each other by the hand? That’s the way it is: in most cases, they stay in the group, whether they are nourished or when they are resting or sleeping and are held by the hand to avoid losing them! 9- Both Topolino and Minnie’s voice actors are really married!topolinoHe was born in 1947, in 1944: Wayne Allwine and Russi Taylor respectively. They met in 1988 and married in 1997. Unfortunately, he died in 2009, due to complications from diabetes. 8- Eugene Cernan, the last man to set foot on the moon, has carved there the initials of his wife, who today are destined to stay there for thousands of years10-things-to-be-happy-9He had promised, and finally, Eugene (Gene) Cernan really kept his word: he carved the initials of his wife, TDC, on the moon and most likely they will be there for thousands of years. Cernan is the eleven man who has set foot on our satellite as well as the last so far. 7- When we embrace, our body releases a substance called oxytocin, capable of curing physical injuries as well!10-things-to-be-happy-8Did you know that a day-hugging improves our health? In addition to increasing the sense of well-being, it’s really a cure against stress! In addition, thanks to oxytocin, the embrace is able to thank us for the immune system! The study was conducted by two Swedes and was published in the renowned scientific journal “Comprehensive Psychology”. 6- Cows are the best friends!10-things-to-be-happy-7Those who have said this are the scientists at Northampton University, as reported by the prestigious “Daily Mail”. Cows are the only ones who make fun of the head and when they are far away, they become very wild! 5- Every year, in thousands of trees, many squirrels forget where the leaves or fruit of the oak tree have been put!10-things-to-be-happy-6Just as we forget where we’ve placed an important thing, squirrels often and unconsciously forget about where they put their food, and usually the oak or fruit trees of the oak tree! We are not so different from them or not ?! 4- Worms communicate with each other by being pet!10-things-to-be-happy-5Then, just as we said a little above for squirrels, we are not so different from animals! In this case, it is about worms: they have neither the mouth nor the ears, so to communicate they are obliged to seek contact, so to pamper themselves. Is there anything sweeter than that? 3- “Beatles” have used the word love, 613 times in their songs!10-things-to-be-happy-4How many times have you heard “Beatles” talk about love? Impossible to count, right or not? But in fact, you are wrong! They have spoken more than 600 times, as reported by a recent analysis! 2- Butterflies tastes through their feet!10-things-to-be-happy-3Butphans can not perceive not only fragrances but also tastes. The latter can do it thanks to their feet, which are equipped with sensory organs equivalent to our own organs of taste! 1- In children’s hospitals, there is a group of people dressed as super-powerful characters to surprise them and entertain them!10-things-to-be-happy-2The most beautiful, happy and most impressive thing of all: to see that someone is ready to do everything to make the smile of a less fortunate child from others, who is forced to stay in one bed of the hospital! People, never stop hoping that life will turn your smile back to you even in the worst moments!

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