2. receiving messages. It is not complete unless

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2. Communication is a two way process:

Communication is essentially a two way process. It does not merely means sending and receiving messages. It is not complete unless and until the message has been understood by the receiver in the same sense.

3. Purpose of communication:

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The basic purpose of communication is to create an understanding. The receiver should understand the message sent and should response accordingly.

4. Form of communication:

Communication may take several forms e.g. order, instruction, report, queries etc. It may be verbal or written. It may be formal or informal.

5. Scope of communication:

Communication pervades all human relationship. It is essential in all type of organizational and at all levels of management.

6. Communication is a dynamic process:

Communication is influenced by the mood and thinking of the sender and receiver. The way a message is accepted depends upon the fact that which of the fine sensory organs of the receiver is active at that time.

7. Communication is much more than words:

Communication is not merely sending or receiving facts, expressed in words. It also involves ideas and emotions. A lot of communication is done through signs, symbols and gestures.

8. Communication is a goal oriented process:

Communication is goal oriented and is effective only when there is congruence of goals of sender and receiver.

9. Communication is conversational:

Communication sets up a link between facts, ideas, and thus helps the communicator and communicates to progress logically.

10. Communication is an interdisciplinary science:

Communication to be effective derives knowledge from several sciences like-anthropology (study of body language), sociology (study of human behaviour), psychology (study of attitude) etc.

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