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2. Agriculture and Allied Products:

The export growth of this category of products has been negative at 4.9% decreasing from Rs 16,317 crores in April-March, 1996-97, to Rs 15,519 crores in April-March, 1997-98.

During April-November, 1998-99, however, exports of agri and allied products increased from Rs 9,017 crores to Rs 10,243 crores mainly due to the improved export of rice.

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The items registering a significant increase during this period include rice, spices, guargum meal, castor oil, shellac, processed fruits and juice, miscellaneous processed items and flori­culture products.

Items recording a decrease in exports are pulses, tobacco, sesame and niger seeds, groundnut, oil meals, sugar and molasses, meat and meat products and spirit and beverages.

3. Marine Products:

The exports of marine products were valued at Rs 4,313 crores in April- March, 1997-98, which is 7.6% higher than the exports valued at Rs 4,008 crores during April-March, 1996-97. During April-November, 1998, these exports declined to Rs 2,973 crores from Rs 2,990 crores achieved during April-November, 1997, showing a fall of 0.6%.

4. Ores and Minerals:

This category of items registered a decline of 4.8% during April-March, 1997- 98, when exports fell from Rs 4,162 crores achieved in 1996-97 to Rs 3,962 crores. During April-November, 1998, there was a decline of 10.8%, when exports declined from the level of Rs 2,337 crores in April-November 1997 to Rs 2,184 crore m April-November, 1998.

5. Leather and Leather Manufactures:

The export of leather and leather manufactures also registered a decline of 4% during 1997-98, the value of exports declining from Rs 5,701 crores to Rs 5,462 crores over the period.

However, during April-November, 1998, these exports have registered a significant increase of 15.6%, increasing from a level of Rs 3,694 crores in April-November, 1997, to Rs 4,270 crores in April- November, 1998. Most of the leather products are exported to developed coun­tries like Germany, France, US, UK, Italy and Japan and CIS countries.

6. Gems and Jewellery:

Gems and jewellery sector is a major item of India’s exports. This sector registered a 12.7% export growth during 1997-98, when exports increased from Rs 16,872 crores in April-March, 1996-97, to Rs 19,014 crores in April- March, 1997-98.

During the current year (1998), a higher growth of 33.5% has been witnessed, when exports increased to Rs 15,583 crores during April- November, 1998, from a level of Rs 11,763 crores achieved during the corre­sponding period last year.

7. Chemicals and Allied Products:

Chemicals and allied products registered a positive export growth of 14.7% during April-March, 1997-98, when its value increased to Rs 16,702 crores from a level of Rs 14,564 crores achieved during the corresponding period of the previous year.

In April-November, 1998, the export growth was only 2.3%, the value of exports increasing from Rs 10,563 crores in April-November, 1997, to Rs 10,809 crores in April-November, 1998.

8. Engineering Goods:

The exports of engineering goods registered a 8.3% growth during 1997-98. The value of such exports increased to Rs 15,585 crores as compared to Rs 14,396 crores achieved during 1996-97. However, disappointingly during April-November, 1998, engineering exports witnessed a decline of 3%, its value falling to Rs 9,835 crores from Rs 10,140 crores during April- November, 1997.

9. Textiles:

Textiles, a major in India’s export basket witnessed a positive growth of 7.2% last year, when its export value increased form Rs 28,561 crores achieved during 1996-97, to Rs 30,618 crores during 1997-98.

Textile exports regis­tered a positive growth of 7.9% during April-November, 1998 over the corre­sponding period of the previous year, with its value increasing from Rs 20,073 crores to Rs 21,653 crores.

Ready-made garments (24.9%, natural silk tex­tiles (30.7%) and coir and coir manufactures (33.6%) were the high growth items under this category during April-November, 1998.

10. Handicrafts:

Export of handicrafts registered a high growth during 1997 and 1998. During 1998-98, its export value increased to Rs 1,927 crores from Rs 1,689 crores during 1997-97, registering a growth of 14.1%.

During the April-November, 1998, the growth rate has been 36.3%, with its value increasing to Rs 1,865 crores from a level of Rs 1,368 crores achieved during April-November, 1997.



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