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Technology is a body of knowledge committed to creating tools, processing actions and extracting of materials. We use technology to fulfill tasks, requirements in our daily lives. We use technology to lengthen our capability, and that makes people as the most significant part of any technological system. Technology nowadays has changed our lives, for the betterment of our future. I personally like technology because it helped us to cope with difficulty. However, as the saying goes, everything has its pros and cons.     Firstly, technology plays an important part in my life because of the convenience that it gave me, or rather all the people around the world. Communication through technology like phones, laptops, and other electronic devices help us to communicate within their area and I do not need to go to one place just to meet each other. For example, compared to the past, I use my phone to call my mother when during emergencies. Therefore, for me, technology plays an important part in my life.     Secondly, my reason towards the importance of technology is because of the enjoyment of technology. For me, the enjoyment of it is playing computer games, surfing the internet etc. For example, when during my free time, I use my mobile phone to play games to kill time. Therefore, technology plays an important part in my life.     However, although technology helps us, it also can harm us. If we are too reliant on technology, this could cause laziness in terms of educational purposes. For example, when we are asked to literally write a composition, the whole class ask the teacher to allow them to type in their computer and send via email to him. Therefore, the technology could also disbenefit us.        In conclusion, I believe that technology benefited me. For example, the communication across the world. If there is no technology, I would not be what I am now.

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Another Flight Rules. The Average Flight Speed

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Another significant tail configuration
which could be utilized for the glider tail research design is the V-tail which
is characterised with two distinct sections and can be considered similar to
the conventional tail configuration albeit without a vertical tail and a high anhedral
angle. The two individual sections of the V-tail are accountable for the
functions of the horizontal and vertical tails which enables it to perform the
objectives of longitudinal and directional trim. On the contrary, the V-tail
configuration is also considered responsible for inefficiency in monitoring the
directional and longitudinal stability. The slanted tail surfaces are
responsible for providing the functionalities of the elevator and rudder
configuration implemented in a conventional tail. This leads to another
considerable disadvantage in context of the V-tail configuration since the
complexity of the control systems for a glider are increased considerably in
the tail configuration(Gilad Silver, 2014).

calculations of the flight test results for the Amethyst Glider can be
presented in the form of four distinct tests which involves collection of data
related to distance and flight time. The basic constants that are implemented
in the case of the flight tests include the total glider weight estimated at
0.15 kg and height from ground as 1.98 m denoted by ‘h’. The flight attempts
are considered invalid according to the BMFA A/2 class F1A rules owing to the
flight time being less than 10 seconds. On the other hand, ignoring the basic
consideration for 10 seconds flight time for calculating the average flight
speed still depicts that the flight attempt would be unsuccessful according to
the according to the BMFA Free Flight Rules. The Average Flight
Speed calculated was found to be 5.003 and the improvement of glider’s
performance could be accomplished through installing an aerofoil that can
accomplish higher speeds than 5 m/s. The coefficient of lift was estimated by
considering two constants such as wing span and cord length at 1.245 m and
chord length at 0.104 m. The coefficient was estimated to be 0.1937.

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