1. and Simulations dates as far as 1940

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History and Background of Modelling and



is the production of models. The word ‘model’ means a representation of a
construction or how a system of interest works. In essence a model is a simpler
and similar form of the system that it represents. The importance of a model is
to ease the prediction of how changes on the system affect it. It is very crucial
that a model be a close approximation of the real system, therefore models are
designed in a way that they have important parts or features of the system they


is when the model of the system is operated. The importance of operating
the model is to observe the properties affecting how the represented system
behaves or part of that system. During simulation the performance of the system
under different configurations can be evaluated.

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is Modelling and Simulations?

Modelling and Simulations is the use of
either mathematical models or physical models to logically represent a system,
an entity, a phenomenon, or even a process in order to observe and evaluate their
performance under different configurations.


Ever since its inception Modelling and Simulations
has made a great impact in almost all fields of human endeavours, be it
engineering, educations, army, agriculture, entertainment and others. The history
of Modelling and Simulations dates as far as 1940 when researchers developed a
method called Monte Carlo. This method used a random sampling and statistical modelling
in order to estimate mathematical functions and imitate the operations of a
complex system.

Twenty years later, in 1960, special-purpose
simulation languages were developed for the first time. This involves languages
like SimScript which was developed by Harry Markowitz at the RAND Corporation. In
1970 a research on the mathematical aspects of simulation was made.

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