1) utilitarian and aesthetic concerns, social and local

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1)      Derry
Law, Christina Wong, Joanne Yip, (2012)

“How does visual merchandising
affect customer affective response? An intimate apparel experience”, is to
investigate the relationship between visual merchandising elements and consumer
affective response by focusing on a function-oriented product – intimate
apparel. The result indicates that when products entail both utilitarian and
aesthetic concerns, social and local values should also be addressed as they
can affect consumer shopping mood, approach response and purchase decision.


2)      C.Selvarj,
Dr. M Swaminathan (2011)

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“Brunt of visual
merchandise on retail store penchant”. The likely importance of quality and
value for money as choice criteria was reinforced by strength of their
relationship with satisfaction, variables like widow displays, various
signage’s, size differentiation, colour and brightness generally believed to be
one of the most important in determining store patronization and re
patronization. He concludes that widow displays, various signage’s, size
differentiation, colour and brightness are important factors of visual


3)      Impact
of Visual Merchandising on University of New Hampshire Students


 Visual merchandising is a marketing tool used
by retail outlets in order to make their products attractive and engaging. It
has the ability to sway consumers into buying a product, making visual
merchandising a useful tool in today’s competitive market. This study examines
the impact visual merchandising has on the students of the University of New
Hampshire (UNH). To determine this, we researched both the students and their
local retailers. Retailers in Durham, New Hampshire were interviewed to
determine how important visual merchandising is to their business. The
consensus was that visual merchandising is an important segment of their
business; it is one of the most effective ways to market to students. To gain
an understanding of students’ views, a survey was distributed to undergraduates
to measure their shopping habits and perceptions of visual merchandising. It
was found that students generally have a positive perception of visual
merchandising. Overall, students find visual merchandising useful and valuable
when shopping. Through the statements made by retailers and the data provided
by students, it has been determined that students are largely impacted by
visual merchandising at UNH.

4)  Visual Merchandising and Customer Appeal

 K. R Pillai, Azmiya Iqbal, Habiba Umer, Aisha
Maqbool & Namrata Sunil

Birla Institute of
Technology, Bahrain

Abstract- This study aims
to find out how and to what extent outlets incorporate visual merchandising,
that appeals to the customers and lead to a potential purchase. The survey
method was followed to conduct the study and data were collected through
sampling techniques from identified respondents, who were selected through
convenient and judgment methods. The major findings in the light of the
objectives of this project were that most of the stores need to have attractive
window displays, proper stores layout, appealing visual merchandising themes to
attract present and potential customers into the store. It is also understood
that the most important aspect of visual merchandising is to have proper
lighting and attractive display themes. The output of the study unfolds that
the most of the merchandiser’s main focus is to display the newest trend and
best moving items into the display windows and visual merchandising was found
to be very helpful for converting potential customers into real customers. Key
words: Visual merchandising, in-store display, visual sensor appeal, silent
communication tool, store layout.


5)      VISUAL

Mr. Chand Saini, Ms.
Rakhi Gupta, Mr. Ishant Khurana

CBS Group of
Institutions, Jhajjar (India)



Purpose – The purpose of
this work is to study the effect of Visual Merchandising on consumers’ impulse
buying behaviour and to find out the key elements of Visual Merchandising
contributing the most for impulse buying.

– To complete the research we have followed review of literature approach where
extensive literature has been reviewed to find out the relationship between
visual merchandising and impulse buying in various forms of retail formats
including e-retailing.

Findings – The study
found that visual merchandising practices certainly influence customers’ buying
behaviour and leads to Impulse buying as well. The results suggest that the
themes that linked most strongly to purchase intention were: merchandise
colours, presentation style, awareness of fixtures, path finding, sensory
qualities of materials and lighting.

Originality/value – This
paper offers marketers valuable insights as to how different combinations of
visual merchandising can be exercised in order to attract potential customers
and to retain the existing customers. Keywords- Consumer Behaviour, Impulse
Buying, Store Layout, Visual Merchandising, Window Display, Paper Type-
Conceptual Research Paper

Categories: Marketing


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