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1.      A project
proposal is a written document that is submitted for evaluation to stakeholders
to decide if the project should be implemented or not. The four components of a
project proposal are:

The technical approach – The first step
of a proposal is to state the problem, the steps that should be taken to
address the problem, goals, methodology/procedures, the expectation and
requirements of the client. It gives a brief overview of the simplicity or
complexity of the project that was chosen. This step is important because it gives
a detail outline to the project manager, so he/she is aware of the estimated
cost for the project, materials, and for paying the workers, along with the responsibilities
of implementing the project.


The implementation plan – This outlines
the estimated cost, wage rates, deadlines, task schedules, and cost of materials
that are needed for the project. The implementation plan process is important
because it gives clear information about the plan, how it should be managed and
the expected outcome for the project. This ensures that the specifications are
clear and should be followed to deliver high-quality performance in a timely

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The plan for logistic support and
administration – This clearly states what will be provided by the organization
to ensure that the project gets the support it needs to succeed. These include
materials, space, computer software, facilities, etc. It is important because the
document states how the project and subcontractors will be administered, evaluated
based on their performance and terminated .


Past Experience – This is included in a
proposal because it shows the qualifications, skills, experiences and the positions
of each person who was a part of the project. It is important because it is a
great way to build a client list to keep funding coming in for future projects.


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