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Canto, a well-established
Digital Asset Management (DAM) company started its journey more than twenty
years ago, and has some big names attached with it. This includes NASA, HUGO
Boss, Samsung and many more. The challenge they are facing is regarding their
brand image on social media, and especially Facebook. Being in the industry for
more than twenty years and on Facebook for more than two years, they still have
barely seven hundred likes. The main focus of this campaign would be to
increase awareness and engagement amongst Marketing experts, Communication
experts, Designers and viewers in general. This would be done by using digital
and content marketing strategies which include blog posts, videos, contests and
many others, in six months. Then, we will extract projected results, with the
use of the allocated budget of a thousand Euros.

of Canto

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Company Situation

Canto’s good
reputation made them one of the known leaders in the Digital Asset Management
Industry. The synchronization of DAM and Artificial Intelligence took them a
step higher than their competitors, and their product Cumulus is one of the
most popular products available for Digital Asset Management. They are known
for their expertise in Project Management, Business Consulting, Technical
Consulting and Strategy Consulting.


Canto’s target
audience are regular people with an interest in what is going on in the Digital
world, Marketing & Communication Experts and Designers ranging majorly from
an age of twenty-five to fifty-five years who are looking for a software to
protect, store and retain their Digital Assets, which include images, logos, videos
and more; we plan to capture the target audience through our Facebook Marketing


In order to run a
marketing campaign, we need to first scrutinize how Canto’s competitors are
running their Facebook campaigns. One of their major competitors is Bynder
which has 5,496 page likes. Their likes per post are relatively low considering
the number of total page likes. However, some interesting posts have more than
60 likes. They launched small episodes of “The Art of Organizing” which has as
much as 21,000 views on some of the episodes.


Secondly, Widen
Collective has 1,230 page likes. Most of the posts have more than 15 likes and
their pinned video “This is how we are built” has 5.6k views.  Thirdly, WebDAM has 3,716 likes on their Facebook
page. However, there was no such creative activity in the recent months.
Considering how Widen Collective and Bynder are successfully running their
marketing campaigns on Facebook, it can be determined that Canto still needs to
express who they are, and use marketing strategies more effectively.

goals, Campaign insights and targeting

One of the main aims
of Canto’s Facebook campaign is to create Brand Voice amongst the potential
customers which not only include Marketing and Communication Experts, Designers
and Marketing Influencers, but also regular people with an interest in what is going
on in the Digital world, and would want to be a part of it in future. Secondly,
increase Canto’s engagement and interaction with potential customers and followers
through Facebook. Lastly, position Canto as an expert in topics like Brand
Management, Content Management, Digital Rights Management, Visual Communication
and many similar others.

Strategy and Storyline

Months 1
and 2

To start with, the aim
of the campaign in the first two months is not only to have maximum interaction
on Canto’s Facebook page, but also to build a brand voice.

Initially, Canto needs
to make a video, of no more than one minute, where it will be introducing
itself as a company. This video will be a Pinned Post, which means it will
always stay at the top of Canto’s Facebook page; therefore whoever visits the
page would have to see the video. Moving ahead, to make this video more
interactive, Canto should provide an incentive to its viewers to sign-up for a
Consultation Service with a Marketing Expert from Canto. This will not only
create engagement on Facebook, but also build voice amongst potential customers
and viewers in general about Canto and their DAM software. This video will be
sponsored, and it will be done through the ‘Boost’ feature of Facebook.  The most important aspect for this would be
setting the right target audience before boosting. Therefore, we will be
choosing Germany and US as our location, with age of 25-55 years for both
genders, and it will be targeted at people who are interested in Marketing,
Digital Asset Management, Designing and Communication.


Moreover, Canto should
add their services in the Services section on their Facebook page, such as
Strategy Consulting, Project Management, Business Consulting and Technical
Consulting. This will give a clear idea to viewers and potential clients about
Canto’s expertise, when they go through the Company’s Facebook page.
Furthermore, the survey that was conducted regarding Canto’s Facebook page
outlay has showed that people in general did not understand what the Company
actually does. (Example of services page, survey questions and results are
attached in the appendix).

Linwright, K (2014)
states that Facebook Reviews makes a business look more credible and makes it
eligible to appear in the follower’s newsfeed. Having more ratings and reviews
on a business’s Facebook page helps people in trusting and choosing the brand.
Therefore, Canto needs to enable its Reviews section on Facebook and request
its existing clients to add their reviews. As a result, it will help Canto
appear as a credible brand, and eventually aid in creating brand awareness.

Moreover, in the
beginning of the second month there should be a contest on Canto’s Facebook
page which would require viewers to like the post, like Canto’s Facebook page
and tag their friends to win an Amazon voucher worth 50 Euros (S. Appendix B).
This post will be a sponsored post and targeted at the followers of Canto’s
competitors such as Bynder, WebDAM and also marketing enthusiasts and
designers. During the entire campaign Canto should use the concept of ‘Social
Nurturing’; in a nutshell it means to interact directly with your Facebook page
followers and providing them with relevant information they need (Reyes, J,
2016). When various viewers will comment on the posts and video, Canto can
interact with them and inquire if they need any help or information. This way
the company will be educating the audience and building a positive relationship
with them.

Month 3
and 4

By now viewers are
aware of the products and services the Company is providing; hence let’s
proceed to the next level of the campaign. Firstly, a sponsored post with the
text, “Are you tired of losing pictures, documents and videos? We’re here to
help! (S. Appendix C). This will be a sponsored post targeted at Digital
Marketers, Communication Experts, Designers and viewers of pages like Tech
Insider and Inc.com. Canto’s marketing team can connect with the viewers’ when
they comment on the post and educate them about how they can save and store
their digital data using Canto’s products (Cumulus & Flight). Another
engaging post could be, ‘Tag a friend who is a Marketing Guru’, which will help
increase the engagement per post (S. Appendix D). In addition, News jacking is
another strategy which should be used to increase the views & interactions
of the Facebook page. It includes posting of latest news or global events by
using popular hashtags to increase the probability that Facebook algorithm
shows your posts relatively on the top of the news feeds of followers as well
as people who are not following Canto (s. Appendix). In-addition, following
link can be used to check the popularity of each hashtags you use. http://hashtagify.me/hashtag/facebook


Moreover, Canto should
use the concept of “Facebook Candy” throughout their entire campaign. There
should be an emphasis on posts that include interesting and highly shareable
content regarding inspirational or motivational quotes and interesting facts of
DAM or related to the digital world. (S. Appendix E). They should also make a
second video, which tells more about their products and services to the viewers
of how their software is on run-time.

Furthermore, Canto
must collaborate with pages like Tech Insider, Business Insider and Inc.com. By
doing so, Canto can get their posts published on these pages whereby engaging
more people and as a result get increased awareness. Canto can come at
agreement and ‘Pay-in-Kind’, which can be in the form of cross-promotion. (S.
Appendix F). Towards the end of the fourth month Canto can have another contest
on their Facebook page, where they can collaborate with Starbucks and award the
winner with a voucher worth of thirty Euros.

Month 5
and 6

For this time period,
the goal of the campaign has moved towards positioning Canto as an expert in
topics such as Digital Asset Management, Brand Management, Content Marketing,
Marketing Technology and more. To start with, Canto needs to educate people by
posting info-graphics containing its products’ (Cumulus and Flight) features
and uses. They should begin with explaining the importance of Digital Asset
Management following with how their products can help clients solve their
problems. Furthermore, Canto should have specialized blog articles or instant
articles on topics such as, Top 10 things you need to know about Digital
Marketing, Key success factors to be a successful Brand Manager, Five things
you need for to have effective content, etc.

In addition, Canto’s marketing
function with the help of Sales team should make a post mentioning the
questions clients frequently ask in the initial pitch meeting, which could help
clarify confusions of potential customers (S. Appendix G). Furthermore, Canto
needs to have testimonials in the form of posts or videos, which would contain
existing clients Marketing Head or Manager talking about how Canto’s products
and services have made their work easier. 
The video will be a sponsored post, targeted at Canto’ competitors’
viewers, viewers who are Marketing enthusiasts and also followers of pages such
as Tech Insider and Business Insider. This post will help the company to show
their existing reputation in the market and brand loyalty, which will help
attract new customers and followers. (S. Appendix H).  Canto should also make a post with pictures
and brief description of their various experts (Marketing, Technical,
Professional Services and etc.) which are already mentioned on their website.
This could be targeted at marketing and communication experts and at startups
as well.


By the end of the
sixth month Canto’s voice has already been created and established as an
expert, now Canto should start having recruitment posts for hiring for not only
permanent employees, but also for internships. This would help the company
enhance awareness and traffic on their Facebook page.


Despite following
different strategies in aforementioned months, there are certain tips &
tricks which Canto needs to do on regular basis during the entire campaign.
Surprisingly, there is no hyperlink for Facebook on Canto’s contact page. It is
important to have it as they have other social medias’ hyperlinks present (S. Appendix
I). Also, if we add the Like button near to the “Contact Canto” button, it will
just take a click for the visitor to like the Facebook page. During
competitor’s’ analysis, we found out that Widen Collective has placed Facebook
like button on their chat console and which makes it easier for their visitors
to like the page (S. Appendix J ).  Figuring
out what sort of content the followers or fans want is the key and engaging
with your followers, posting what they want to see is also a plus point to
attract more viewers on Facebook. It can be done by making the post attractive
and simple. Websites such as Canva can be useful in these cases, as it is
inexpensive and have great frames. Other websites like Likealyzer and Text
overlay rule can be helpful as well, to know about the efficiency and the
traffic of your Facebook page and how does your graphic content affect the
reach of a certain post respectively. 
Moreover, while making a post, eighty percent of the content has to be
for social and twenty percent about the product. In addition, there are certain
times when people use Facebook, therefore Canto should make the best use of it
and post at the times when its audience is active the most. (S. Appendix K).
Moreover, one of the most vital aspects in marketing is customer relationship
management, so responding to Facebook followers within 24 hours will make them
feel valued and make the company look professional.  

Content Calendar

It is quite a
challenge to maintain the effective content for a Facebook page; therefore to
streamline it and save time, formulating content a calendar is essential. The
main function of the content calendar is to preplan the upcoming activities on
the Facebook page. Therefore, creating a content calendar will smooth the
process of Canto’s campaign implementation and make it easy to schedule posts
ahead of time. (S. Appendix L)


One of the most
integral parts of Canto’s Facebook campaign is the efficient and well-thought
out budget allocation. It will not only help us target our required audience
more accurately, but also help increase visibility and awareness of Canto and
its content on Facebook. As we had the budget of € 1,000 in total, we divided
it up into different categories for the six-month campaign, which included
boosting four posts every month for €15 each, two blog posts every month for €5
each, three videos for €40 each, and sponsoring the page as a whole for €49
every month. Moreover, we propose that there should be three contests worth
€50, €30 and €30, respectively, after every two months. (S. Appendix M). They
will be in collaboration with Amazon and Starbucks.

Furthermore, the four
posts will be sponsored for seven days each, incurring the total cost of €60
per month. In addition, the cost of the two blog posts will be spread over five
days each, incurring the total of €10 per month and the videos will be boosted
for seven days each and incur €40 per video. Lastly, Canto’s page which will be
sponsored for €49 will be spread over a period of seven days, each month. The
total cost adds up to €944, after the specific allocation of budget, in which
sponsored posts will be 38%, contests would be worth 12%, sponsored videos will
be for 13%, blog posts will be for 6% and the sponsored page will be for 31%.
(s. Appendix M).


Results and Outcomes

After the successful
execution of our marketing campaign for Canto, along with the implementation of
the allocated budget efficiently, we predict that Canto will be able to achieve
its desired results.  According to
(AdEspresso, 2016 Q4) the cost per like for Germany is $ 0.4, so if we sponsor
Canto’s page for € 294, the estimated page like will be increased by 865 (S.
Appendix O).

Apart from sponsoring
Canto’s page,  other sources which
include boosting posts, videos, blog posts and organic sources like shared
content in Facebook Groups and shared by people who find the content engaging,
Canto will be able to see an upsurge in their overall likes  by more than 1500 (S. Appendix P).  Moreover, by boosting posts we will be able
to achieve the estimated reach by 1,800 – 4,800 as we plan to boost posts for €
15 (S. Appendix N), which will further help in increasing the interaction per
post on average by more than 20. 


On the whole, even
though Canto managed to position itself well in the market, their Facebook page
hardly made any impact to their digital image. Therefore, based on the proposed
strategies and the allocated budget we can safely say that Canto will be able
to achieve its desired targets and see an increase in its overall page likes,
as well as average interaction per post.


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