1. milestones for the delivery of project objectives.

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1. Telecommunications

       Telecommunications engineers
use their technical expertise to provide a range of services and engineering
solutions revolving around different modes of communication and information
transfer, such as wireless telephony services, radio and satellite
communications, internet and broadband technologies.

       Most of the work is carried out on a
project basis with tight deadlines and well-defined milestones for the delivery
of project objectives. Telecommunications engineers are involved across all
aspects of service delivery, from carrying out feasibility exercises and
determining connectivity to preparing detailed, technical and operational

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       Telecommunications engineers are usually
employed by telecom service providers, equipment and infrastructure
manufacturers, communications software developers, public sector bodies and
transport organisations.


2. Telecommunications


duties of a telecommunication Manager are to Develop and administers
telecommunication policies and procedures in compliance with local, State, and
Federal government regulations, Oversees development or modification of various
telecommunication services or systems,  Coordinates the design, installation,
maintenance, and upgrade of Murray City’s fiber optic system and its supporting
facilities, Reviews completed projects to ensure that objectives are met, Develops
and administers budgets associated with Murray City’s telecommunication
program,  Works with city departments in
the planning and delivery of various telecommunication services,  Prepares required telecommunication reports
and filings,  Coordinates the various
marketing functions related to telecommunication services, Develop applicable
rate structures and service agreements for delivery of telecommunication services
to Murray City customers,  Completes
special marketing research studies as needed. Telecommunications Manager Page
and  Negotiates contracts with applicable
service providers.





Information system tools in telecommunication


         MIS enables storage and processing
of the complete business information; with overall purpose to make that
information available on demand in the required format.

        To ensure smooth and
efficient services of the business, every telecom setup is well-equipped
with the MIS and it would not be wrong stating “strong and efficient the
MIS, more reliable and worthy telecom services”. Without making use of the
vast facilities/features of the MIS (Application Software, Database
Management Systems, Web site publishing, Call Centre and CRM setups etc.)
a telecom setup is just an old-style, non-reliable, disintegrated and
poor performing setup; with no possibility of the comparative features
like Minimum Data Loss, No Down Time and Maximum Mean Time Between

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