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1 – Why is the inspector nice to David but rude to his father2 – Why do you think that Uncle Axel isn’t as strict about religion as anyone else in the book?3 – Why does Uncle Axel know so much about places what’s outside Wagnuk? Uncle Axel says that none of the textbooks tell you what’s outside Wagnuk, so one of the only ways he could have known is if one of his friends was a deviant. This also explains why he doesn’t care as much about deviations as David’s father. The evidence is in the quote “I knew of a man once who was one of a party who were adrift in a boat after their ship had burnt,”(Wyndham 96). This quote shows that Uncle Axel knew someone who was on a boat somewhere. We know that all the Wagnukians think that there is nothing outside of Wagnuk but deviations. The only reason they would be sailing to somewhere else is if they were deviations.4 – Do you think a member of the group killed Allan? If so, which one do you think it is? Why?5 – Why do you think the government stopped burning deviations? I think that there must have been a protest against the government for burning deviations. Mothers who carried their child for nine months and find out that they had a deviation must have started the protest. This must have caused the government to change the punishment of deviations from being burned to taking away their ability to reproduce and outcasting them to the fringes. There must have been many people protesting because as we see with sophie, it isn’t easy to change other’s beliefs easily. There is also the possibility that someone who was a member of the government had a child and did not want to see their child die/be burned6 – Why do you think Aunt Harriet killed herself and her child? If Aunt Harriet had let the inspector see her child, he would have found the mutation. According to Jacob, the government does not kill deviations by burning them anymore. Instead, they take away their ability to reproduce and outcast them to the fringes. This is a better alternative to death. Aunt Harriet chooses to kill herself and her child because she couldn’t bare the shame of having another child who is a deviant. The quote, “Aunt Harriet’s body was found in the river, no one mentioned a baby,”(Wyndham 74) shows that Aunt Harriet may have killed herself and the baby to stop anyone from finding out about her child. This shows the severity of the Wagnukian religion. It shows how the shame of having a deviated child is worse than death.

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