1. welfare of the company’s workers that he

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1.      Number
of leaders from movies like Captain Queeg, Gordon Gekko, Daniel Dravot, Dorfman
are all flawed leaders in some way or the other who are not considered most effective.
I choose Gordon Gekko who is a flawed leader form the movie Wall Street to
describe his “dark side” characteristics and show how he might fall into Kellerman’s
types of bad leader, suffer from narcissistic tendencies, fall short of ethics
etc. According to  Kellerman’s type of
bad leadership, a callous leader is uncaring, harsh and ignores the needs of
the folowers and the organization. An insular leader disregards the welfare of
the group.  Gordon Gekko exhibits the
same characteristics. He is portrayed as a very greedy person, least bothered
about the many number of people’s lives when he does cheating and unethical
practices in trading. He ignores the welfare of the company’s workers that he
buys in cheap and sells off its assets dissolving the company that is not
making profits. According to Kellymore a corrupt leader is one who chats, lies
and steals. Puts self-interest before public, followers and organization
interests. Gekko is such a a corrupt person with unethical values, he
encourages his followers to get inside secrets to do trading even though it is
illegal. He spy’s on other companies to gain advantage in making deals . We saw
how harsh he was when he decided to dissolve the Blue star company only to
access cash in the company’s pension plan leaving all the staff unemployed. In
many of the scenes in the movie we see Gordon suffer from Narcissistic tendencies
often driven by intense need for power and wealth, he lacks empathy. His lavish
life style and his ideas on Capitalism are symptoms of Exhibitionism and Grandiosity
as mentioned in reactive narcissist. He is a character who is seen trying to
fulfill some missing childhood needs in adulthood which drives his narcissism.

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