1.1 risks without regulatory approaches to strategic

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1.1 Introduction

In today’s fast-moving competition environment,
there are not a number of definite and strategically scheduled banking firms
for the future. The same skill allows you to become talented and enter the
company. There are more boards in the Platform for Discussions on Planned
Planning on Boarding because the future directors are doing their company well
and are working to reduce the cost of poor retention. Unfortunately, many are
not prepared for such discussions. Boating companies take unnecessary and
easy-to-prevent risks without regulatory approaches to strategic planning. In
the end it will cost more money in terms of money and fame, cannot take a
performance approach. Both areas are a constant and must be the board priority
in the competitive business environment.



1.2 Understanding the external environment of the

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The external ecosystem represents ‘what determines
what to do’. In general, an external environment is divided into three parts.

ü  General Environment

ü  Industry Environment

ü  Competitors Environment





1.2.1 General Environment

The general environment creates the dimension of the
broader society that affects the industry and institutions. PESTLE analysis for macro

This PEST analysis, the dynamics of the foreign
environment (‘ABC Commercial Bank’), the dynamics of the external environment
is understood in the operation of foreign operations. Generally external
factors are not controlled by industry, use of them to exploit industrial needs
and avoiding threats in the environment.

P – Government Responsibility to Protect Public
Interest. Political stability affects the business decision, consumer
protection and business activities.

E – Competitor function, competition for resources.
Savings, unemployment numbers.

S – Work life balance, consumer behavior trends’,
retirement and life.

T – Technological Arrangement Fasting, Technology Now
Products (Internet), Improved Communications, Internet Business.

L – Government rules and regulations, laws, tax
system, and traps

E – Environmental protection, green products (green




ü  It explains how companies and individuals influence
each other and how to understand these implications in their strategic actions.
This includes: political stability, tax policy, customs duty, environmental
laws, labor laws etc.

ü  ‘ABC Bank’ has created their own security strategies
in addition to government regulations and limitations in the country.



ü  ‘ABC Bank’ generally seeks to compete in a
relatively stable economy with the potential for strong growth. It refers to
the nature and direction of the economy to compete or compete with a company.
This includes: interest rate, inflation rates, trade deficits / surplus,
disposable income status, credit receipts, tax systems.

ü  Various development projects are taking place
throughout the country – many development projects are centered on rural areas
that produce a stable change in the traditional rural markets. Banking industry
is likely to increase their revenue and profits.



ü  In this fast moving world, information technology
and Internet banking and finance play an important role. Technology features
are the most important factors in determining how business banks work in the
past years.

ü  It warns of future challenges and promises of policy
makers and estimates its impact on the company and forecasts improvements.



ü  It is protected by policies and policies regulated
by governments on the island they work on.

ü  It has been able to continue to adhere to the
policies agreed by each government to ensure that the company can successfully
and effectively implement business operations.



ü  ‘ABC Bank’ creates a positive impact on the
development of natural ecosystems to reduce and calibrate the carbon footprint.

ü  As a financial service provider, assessing the role
of ‘ABC Bank’ and their financing plans and reducing negative environmental
impacts or positive environmental impacts.

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