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•When an individual is suffering from
Alzheimer’s they depend highly on other people to help them carry out tasks
that they would have been able to do independently before suffering from this
particular disease. A service user suffering from Alzheimer’s that has been
known to attachment before could then become more content and relaxed within
the social care environment rather than an individual who hasn’t been known to
attachment within their life before. The reasoning behind this is because they
are more able to have a sense of trust within a relationship, which would also
have a benefit to the practitioner as they will have an easier job of treating
the service user. The individual is known to having a close relationship with
another person where both individual’s feel happy and safe within this
relationship. From experiences that have happened during an early relationship
could then have many different influences on how an individual behaves when
they become part of another relationship later on within their life. For
example, because the service user has experienced trust with another individual
this would then make the individual become open and not afraid to tell
personal, sensitive information to the practitioner as they are aware of what
trust is and that trust hasn’t been broken within other relationships earlier
on in their life. This would then become a huge benefit as the service user
wold be able to tell the practitioner 
information that could become highly useful. For example, if the service
user has any health worries etc. This would then have many benefits for the
service users health and wellbeing.

•It is known that the results of the sense
of security and safety as a child can then influence an individual when they
grow older. “The vital role that it plays in the life of man from cradle to
grave” (Bowlby, 1997: 208). When an individual has experienced a secure
attachment during their childhood this could then assist them if they began to
suffer from Alzheimer’s, this is because they have more sense of trust within a
relationship with another individual. If an individual had experienced a
relationship within their childhood where they had a sense of extreme
happiness, safety and security this would then become beneficial for this
individual when in Social Care due to suffering from Alzheimer’s. 

•The definition of attachment is explained
as follows, “A lasting psychological connection between human beings. More
specifically – attachment is the emotional bond, which grows between child and
parent and vice-versa” (Howe Brandon Hinings Schofield, 1999). The Attachment theory
is mostly based around when an individual is a child, it comes from as an
infant if the parent/guardian provides the child with a safe and secure
relationship then it will result in the child being aware of the sense of
security and safety around other individuals. This then enables exploration and
the development of the individual throughout their development into an

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•The Attachment Theory was created by John
Bowlby. The Attachment theory had been influenced by the ethological theory
(the scientific study of the characteristic behaviour patterns of animals).

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