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• Software environmentAccount Information. We ask you for information about you and store it when you sign up on the app, such as your username, email address, and sign-up location. It can also import your third-party account information to make it easier to record bread crumbs.The application uses the username to save at as an account name (first and last initial name), and the application uses the sign-up option to help targeting the location of the customers. We use your email address to send updates and services to you, also contacting you on behalf of other users who send you messages, supplements. You can contribute to the site in different ways, including commenting, uploading photos, sending complaints, filling out your public profile, and voting on other users’ contributions. We may save these information as a public content,  making them available to other users, and use them for promotional purposes. whatever if you have personally identifiable information in your public content, it can be shown by the others. We are not responsible for any given private information you decide to share in your public content. The application gives you the ability to share messages with others using the messaging and communication feature. We could save these messages for submission and give  you the option to manage them. The application gives you the ability to send information from the application to your phone also . In order to execute these orders, we will have to record your phone number. Bread crumbs can gives a useful information based on your location. If you tell us your location (for example, by letting your mobile device to send us to your exact location), we will save and use the provided information to give you a location-based information and ads. If you’d like to disable this option, you can reinstall the app or disable the GPS on your mobile device. The site has an another option which you can tell other users wherever you are, if you choose. Invite people who you may know. You can invite the people who you want them to join bread crumbs by giving their contact information, or by entering your login data to import your address book from other sites. We will have to save and use the given contact information to invite them to join and communicate with you on the app. Your friends will always have the chance to disable receiving more messages.First thing we use it in this application as a software is Android studio for a programming purpose, Android Studio is the most popular tool for android development, Integrated Development Environment (IDE), based on JAVA programming language, Android Studio offers considerably more ways that improve your profitability when developing and designing Android applications, for example, An adaptable Gradle-based form framework A quick and highlight rich emulator, A brought together condition where you can create for all Android gadgets, Moment Raced to push changes to your running application without building a new project, Code layouts  enables you to build basic application highlights and import test code,Broad testing devices and structure build up devices to get execution, ease of use, rendition similarity, and different issues.Also we use the API (Application Programming Interface) to retrieve the restaurants data from Google, API is the acronym for Application Programming Interface, which is a software intermediary that allows two applications to talk to each other. Each time you use an app like Facebook, send an instant message, or check the weather on your phone, you’re using an API.• Why do API matters Do you utilize an application that discloses to you what the present movement resembles? Or on the other hand what about an application that shows when the following transport will be at your stop? Most instruments like these depend on open APIs to run and force the most exact information. Those are both great cases of how open APIs may help you in your regular day to day existence, however here’s the means by which they can help you in business operations. There are numerous organizations out there that construct programming and devices that depend on pulling information from open APIs to help streamline a business procedure in new ways. APIs are vital for business since they enable software engineers to construct stunning devices that assistance us carry out our employments all the more adequately. A decent illustration is this watchword device that gets to Google’s inquiry Programming interface to propose catchphrases your business should target. APIs are additionally vital for the organizations that provide them, since outside designers work out applications that further the utilization of the organization’s center item. This spares the Programming interface supplier both time and cash. For instance, before Reedit turned out with its own particular versatile application, it depended on different instruments made by organizations hoping to adapt that work.

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