• The aggregate cost of the task was evaluated at Rs. 11,814 crore. While the Government of India had affirmed a deficit of Rs. 3,500 crore for the venture, MML had cited a negative reasonability hole subsidizing and along these lines did not look for VGF bolster for this task. • The consortium cited a negative feasibility hole (i.e. the consortium would pay the administration) with a present estimation of Rs. 1,240 crore (marked down at 13.5 percent). This sum was proposed to be paid by the consortium over a time of 35 years according to the accompanying calendar. CONCESSION YEARPAYMENTUpfrontRs. 11 croreArrangement DateRs. 50 crorefourth YearRs. 200 croreseventh to ninth YearRs. 100 croreeighteenth to 34th YearRs. 1,750 crore• twentieth to 35th Year 1% of the net feasible toll in the twentieth year, 2% of the net feasible charge in 21st year et cetera. • The cost of the task was to be financed with an obligation to value proportion of 2:1. In this way the consortium needed to raise obligation of Rs. 7,876 crore and contribute value of Rs. 3,938 crore with no VGF bolster.Current scenario –  • L&T Metro Rail (Hyderabad) Ltd, the engineer of the task, has looked for “extra money related help” from the Telangana government to take care of the expense invades due to delays in ventures, prompting extension of time. The cost overwhelms work out to over Rs 3,000 crore, the sources included. “The organization is likewise learnt to have looked for augmentation of period by two years,” an industry source stated, including that any choice is likely after counsel with the Center as the urban advancement service is additionally part of the venture. The venture, which was initially slated to go on stream in July 2017, was stretched out till November 2018 and Telangana serve K T Rama Rao as of late affirmed it. Imagined in 2009, the 72-km venture has defeated numerous obstacles, for example, default by first concessionaire Maytas Infra-drove consortium and now, the present engineer and resulting improvements, critical land securing by the state government and logjam for at some point over course arrangement, among others.• L&T Metro Rail (Hyderabad) is an L&T auxiliary, which is building up the metro at an aggregate cost is Rs 16,375 crore-Rs 14,132 crore for the metro rail framework and another Rs 2,243 crore for the land advancement. As per accessible information, the concession understanding for the undertaking totaling 72 km metro lines with 66 stations was executed in September 2010 while budgetary conclusion was accomplished in April 2011. The main stage contains 30 kms and 24 stations while the second period of the rest of the passage barring a 6-km extend — close Charminar — is relied upon to be completed by November 2018.

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