Ferrero Rocher etc.


Market segment consists of a customers who share similar set of needs and wants
Cadbury Diary Milk also divides the market into different group of customers. Diary
Milk is the megabrand of the Cadbury Family focusing on consumers of all ages.

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1.      Demographic

Generation: it mainly focuses on the
younger generation segment – “Little girls and boys, be advised to keep your
chocolates and toffees safe or your parents may bite into them!”

Income: Pricing strategy starts from low
costing, availing any one to afford it and it extends to high priced ones like Diary
milk silk which aims at high income customers.

Gender: Gender does not matter for

Age: It targets all age groups including
kids, teenagers, youngsters, couples (valentine’s limited edition diary milk silks)

2.      Behavioural

advertised as for eating then and there (“khane walo ko khane ka bahana
chahiye” as its tag line) and for gifting it to someone (“celebration pack”)

Decision roles: The decision role is
played by the children and youngsters when to buy the Cadbury Diary Milk.

Occasion: For purchasing the Cadbury Diary
Milk no specific occasion are required

Benefits: Cadbury Diary Milk is easily
available everywhere when we need it.

User status: There are many impulse
users found in the user status of Diary Milk.

User rate: There is a very heavy user rate
in the behavioural segmentation of Diary Milk.

Loyalty status: There is mainly the
absolute loyal customers.

3.      Geographic

It is
present strongly in all urban areas as well as A,B and C category towns

The rural
marketing of Cadbury is weak because demand there
is also weak. 


Logically analysing, Cadbury tend to
deduce that Cadbury Diary Milk targeted only the children aged between 4 to 16

.  Butit is evident that Cadbury Diary Milk stretched
its perspective target group into an infinite age group

Chocolates are everybody’s favourite so
there is no limit of region, it is used all over the world. It is concluded from
the survey that their prices are economical so that every socio economic group
can afford it.


Cadbury is
one of the biggest and most trusted chocolate brand worldwide

Biggest global
brand name in the world of chocolates.


The Diary Milk brand positions itself as
a premium chocolate synonymous to “happiness”. The ad campaign taglines ‘Real
taste of life’, ‘Pappu pass ho gaya’, ‘Asli swad zindagi ka’, validate
Cadbury’s claim of being a chocolate brand to celebrate happiness

The brand has also started positioning
itself as a “right thing” to do before starting something auspicious with
‘Shubh Arambh – Kuch meetha ho jaye’ and also as a desert offering with the
tagline ‘Meethe me kuch meetha ho jaye’.

 Positioning Diary Milk
as a dessert has generate more business for Cadbury



Cadbury Diary Milk’s price is ranged
between ?5 to ?150.

There is a hidden price increase for
diary milk

In 2005, a Diary Milk chocolate of 60g
priced was priced at INR16 in 2005, and currently INR 20 for 40g which is an
increase of 87.5% in 13 years.

Cadbury, diary milk has a very convenient
price range for all its products

Priced in
high as well as low variants, the Cadbury Diary Milk has a position of gifting
and hence is sold in high volumes even at higher prices

company has adopted a competitive pricing policy and has kept its prices at par with competitors.



milk has created a global presence and they undertake several promotional activities
which will help in creating a brand awareness so that they can increase the
brand loyalty of present and prospectus customer, and for this they has taken several
steps like :

Attractive purple packing is iconic and

Trusted celebrities( as Brand Ambassadors) being associated with Diary milk for
long periods like Indian actor Amitabh Bachchan

Intimate association of milk is the
chocolate is being reflected in most of the ad’s and slogans

Catchy commercials, aired in TV or radio

Attracting customers with the aid of Hoardings,
Internet, Radio, Newspapers, Magazines Offers and Value Packs

PR initiatives
like the Shubh Aarambh which focusses on the integrated development of children
to foster nutrition/health education and iCARE, an employee volunteering
program, inspires employees to invest time, skills and passion in the areas of
education, child/elderly welfare, NGO capacity building, etc.



Cadbury Diary milk are sold directly to wholesaler
and retailers.

Once the chocolate reaches in bulk, it
is broken down as follows.

Company à C&F agentàDistributors
Retailers à

Cadbury is present in 200 or more

Cadbury’s distribution network used to
encompasses around 2100 distributors and 450,000 retailers.


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