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Sogeclair SA: Sogeclair SA is a French
high-tech engineering company specialized in the design and development of
industrial products and simulation solutions. The Company is established in
three divisions: Aerospace division, providing services for aerostructure,
systems installation.

Assystem: is an international engineering services consulting company based in Paris, France. It was merged with ATEM and
Alphatem in 1995. Nowadays, Assystem consists of two divisions, Energy &
Infrastructure and Global Product Solutions.

Evadix SA: Was founded in 1999 and located
in Nivelles, Belgium. It offers a packaging manufacturing used for the
packaging of the consumer products, primarily for food industry; and
polyethylene film formulations.

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There are
three other companies that also in this sector the financial data and ratio of which
can be compared with the main company which is Soditech’s financial and
business performance:

Since, the
customer’s satisfaction increases not only based on the company’s services but
also the products that have been provided in order to gain a good financial
performance. Soditech’s target is to serve the customers with the good quality
and friendly staff in order to improve the product and services. There seems to
be enough employees to serve both company and customer because most of the
operation needs human to control as well as monitor the machines ‘operations.

Soditech is
the company that provides product and services that are divided into two main
point which are designs and develops mechanical, thermal and electronic
sub-assemblies for high-stress environments. Moreover, this company usually
focus more on engineering department which they design and analyses the
mechanical and thermal environmental constraints due to the customer’s
specifications and designs the elements by using modern method and CAD software
tools such as CATIA, Solidworks, Autocad and so on.

Soditech Ingenierie is considered as the listed company that provides and
support construction information services which include integration of
mechanical, thermal and electronic subsystems. Due to the research, the
company’s competitor advantage that each machine and employee can adjust the
situation and produce the product based on what customer’s wants and needs or

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