· management is also an essential recommendation. The

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·      Educating the all level of staff
regarding the information technology should be given priority. The training
policy of the banks should be strengthened with the required personnel and
vivid infrastructure facilities.

·      Content management is also an
essential recommendation. The value of knowledge on bank’s customers and
products can tarnish over a period of time. Therefore, content should be timely
updated, amended and also removed from customer surveys and customer satisfaction

·      There should be appropriate
arrangement for key management and authentication by way of a certification
agency. Banks should adopt universal standards of cryptography to alter
information during transmission processes.

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·      Organizations should focus on both
BI and KM. KM arrangement cannot exist without BI.

Both are
essential and complement each other.

bank private or public should chalk out a time bound scheme integrating it with
information system to see the results and create a pattern after the

should contribute great benefits not only internally to themselves but also the

should give firm evidences and legit documents regarding the organizational
culture which is directly proportional to the positivity with knowledge
management system. This is a win -win situation for the organization and the staff.




Banks can use technology to enhance
their performance and get sustainable competitive edge over others. With the
proper integration of BI and KM it provides a 360-degree view of attitudes and
behaviors, combines structured and unstructured data and also gives a real time
pulse on business (Kadayam, 2002). With the management of explicit
information and transformation of information to knowledge would help banks
make high quality timely decisions and can give them a stronger position in the
market. Apart from the capturing and coding of knowledge it also enhances the
sharing and regaining of knowledge across the banks. It also enables modelling
client behavior in terms of using fresh services but also helps in the risk
management. The effectiveness of BI in the future will be measured on how well
it promotes knowledge.



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