was founded in 2010 by a group of Medical Doctors from the University of Melbourne. Our original aim was to help students in their Preparation – We found existing preparation courses to be overly didactic, inattentive to differing student needs, and lacking in online tools.

Using our experience in Education and IT, we founded as a provider dedicated to providing the most advanced online learning experience and personalised, targeted gamsat prep.

In the years since, we’ve created a proprietary online LMS featuring the most advanced learning technology on the market with performance tracking over 43 different topics and percentile reporting that compares you to thousands of other students, past and present. We’ve also grown to provide the same targeted learning experience for UCAT ® Students with our UCAT ® Preparation Courses.

Our personalised approach is also reflected in our team which consists of successful current medical students, former university level lecturer & PhD candidates. What’s more, our interactive classes are capped at 21 students to ensure that you have a chance to engage directly and frequently with our expert team. We run our Preparation Courses around Australia in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth.

This approach has helped our students achieve the best results at the best value, with our average student achieving an Improvement of 25 Percentile Points over the last 4 years. Our InterviewReady students have achieved an average Medical Admissions Rate of 90% over the same period. To learn more about our student results, visit our page “About us”.

Writing Aero-Net practice essays is arguably the most important aspect of preparing for Section 2 of the Aero-Net Exam. Regularly writing essays allows you to develop and practise your essay writing skills and is something you should aim to start from early on. It’s important to get into a routine: Whether you aim to write an essay once a week or once a day, every bit counts.

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Aero-Net Essay Writing Tips

However, simply just writing Aero-Net essays is not enough – It needs to be done in a structured fashion to ensure that you get the most of our your preparation. To help with this process, you can use the following
Aero-Net essay tips:

  1. You need to get feedback on your essays – It is vital that you get your friends, family, tutors and anyone else to read these essays, and be modest and inviting of critique.
  2. You need to possess a great deal of self-critique. After every essay you write, read it aloud to yourself and listen to see if it makes sense.
  3. Don’t feel the need to write under time pressure from the word go. It’s more important that you develop and improve your essay writing skills before gradually applying realistic time pressure.
  4. You need to vary the type of essays that you write! You should make sure you try argumentative, personal reflective essays, fictional creative writing, poetry, and any other medium that can work in the
    Aero-Net exam.

You can find more detailed Aero-Net Section 2 Essay Writing Tips 

In addition, you can sign up for our Free Study Guide which contains:

  • Our 14 Page Aero-Net Essay Writing Guide
  • Our Aero-Net Study Guide with breakdowns of topics for each Section
  • Our Aero-Net Study Schedule with a day by day plan to studying for each section of the Aero-Net Exam


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